The Wrath of Becky Soundtrack (2023)
The Wrath of Becky Soundtrack (2023)

The Wrath of Becky Soundtrack: The Wrath of Becky is a 2023 American action thriller directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. The film is a sequel to the 2020 film. It was released in the United States on May 26, 2023.

The stars are Lulu Wilson, Seann William Scott, Courtney Gains, Angel himself, Michael Sirow, Denise Burse, Aaron Dalla Villa, Jill Larson, and Kate Siegel.

The series presents two years after she escaped a violent attack on her family, 16-year-old Becky attempts to rebuild her life in the care of an older woman — a kindred spirit named Elena.
Two years after escaping a violent attack, a teenage girl must defend herself against a domestic terrorist cell.

Who composed The Wrath of Becky?

Nima Fakhrara composed the soundtrack of the film Nima Fakhrara, which is known for Lou (2022), Becky (2020), and Detroit: Become Human (2018).

The Wrath of Becky Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of The Wrath of Becky soundtracks. You can listen on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other various platforms.

  • Titles (2:00)
  • The Wrath (1:29)
  • Daryl Number One (2:55)
  • The Truck (1:19)
  • Kill All the Boys (1:27)
  • You Must Be Becky (1:12)
  • Survive (1:47)
  • Answer the Question (1:02)
  • Good Bye (1:36)
  • Elenna (1:52)
  • The Table (1:38)
  • His Sotry (4:30)
  • Gonna Kill You (1:26)
  • Barn Smoke (1:49)
  • End Titles (1:20)

Additional Music of The Wrath of Becky

  • Becky is a song by Nima Fakhrara. The song is part of the album Becky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), which was released on 12 June 2020.
  • Oh Yes Baby I Love You So is a song composed by Ervin Litkei
  • Theree Speed Girl is a song by Ervin Litkei & Martin Kalmanoff. Music lovers can enjoy this song on various platforms like Amazon Music, YouTube, and Spotify.
  • Let’s Go Sunning is a song by Jack Shaindlin.
  • The Noble Men Song is a song by Courtney Gains & Aaron Dalla Villa.
  • Having Fun? by Nima Fakhrara

You can also watch the film’s official Trailer on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the stories and cast.

The Wrath of Becky | Official Trailer
The Wrath of Becky Soundtrack (2023) The Wrath of Becky Soundtrack (2023)

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