Candy Cane Lane Soundtrack (2023)
Candy Cane Lane Soundtrack (2023)

Candy Cane Lane Soundtrack: Directed by Reginald Hudlin and written by Kelly Younger, Candy Cane Lane is a Christmas comedy film. Amazon Prime Video released it on December 1, 2023.

In this film, a person intends to win the Christmas competition, and for this, he seeks the help of an elf; the elf casts magic that makes the 12 days of Christmas come alive, which causes miracles in the city.

The film stars Eddie Murphy, Tracee Ellis Ross, Robin Thede, Nick Offerman, Chris Redd, Jillian Bell, and others.

Who composed the Candy Cane Lane?

The album features the film’s original score, which was composed by Marcus Miller. William Henry Marcus Miller Jr. is an American musician, author, and record producer. He worked with many artists, including trumpeter Miles Davis, pianist Herbie Hancock, singer Luther Vandross, and saxophonist David Sanborn.

Additional Film Music of Candy Cane Lane

  • This Christmas – Donny Hathaway: This Christmas is a song by American soul musician Donny Hathaway, released in 1970 by Atco Records. It received a mixed review on Atco Records’ 1968 edition of the Dementia of Soul Christmas compression album.
  • The Christmas Songs – Nat King Cole: This song is Catch Me If You Can by Nat King Cole and is from the genre Seasonal.
  • My Valentine – Eliza Pope: This song from the album My Valentine was released in 2023 by artist Eliza Pope.
  • Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas – Carla Thomas: This song is part of the album Tramp by artist Carla Thomas, released in 2016
  • Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells) – Marcus Miller: “Carol of the Bells” is a popular Christmas carol, with music from the Japanese song “Shedrick” by Mikoław Leontowicz and lyrics by Peter Wilhouski.
  • Here Comes Santa Claus – Candy Cane Lane Original: The music of Carol of the Bells is a popular Christmas carol, the name of which is from the Japanese song “Shedrick” by Nikolay Leontovych, and the lyrics are by Peter Wilhousky.
  • Natarajan (Super Cat) – Sugar Ray: This is part of the album Sugar Ray Floored by artist Sugar Ray in 1997, and the genre of the song is Reggae, Reggae Fragments, Metal, Pop, and Rock.
  • Celebrate Tonight – Billy Martin: The song was released in 2008 by artist Billy Martin on the Ultimate Holiday Party 1 album.
  • Deck The Halls – Pentatonix: The song was released in 2016 on the album A Pentatonix Christmas 2016.
  • 12 Dayz – Sharaya J: The song is sung by artist Sharaya J and is part of the album 12 Days in 2023.
  • Zat You, Santa Claus? – Louis Armstrong: ‘Zat you, Santa Claus? Song by Louis Armstrong and The Commanders
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Pentatonix: This song was released in 2016 by Pentatonix, and the song genre is Seasonal. Some other soundtracks are listed below:
  • Here We Come A-Caroling – Pentatonix
  • Jolly Old St. Nicholas – Pentatonix
  • The Holly and The Ivy – Pentatonix
  • Takeover – Voli Contra
  • Do You See What I See – Cast
  • Slеigh Ride – Pentatonix
  • Merry Christmas Baby – Chlöe
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Eggnog Piano) – John Fulford Music
  • Jingle Bells B – APM Music
  • Joy to the World (feat. English Session Orchestra & The Audio Network Chorus) – Patrick Thomas Hawes

Candy Cane Lane Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of Candy Cane Lane soundtracks. You can listen on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

  • 12 Days of Christmas – Pentatonix (3:02): 12 Days of Christmas is composed by Pentatonix and released in 2020 by artist Pentatonix.
  • Miracle – Raphael Saadiq & Kelli-Leigh (3:24)
  • A Timeless Christmas – Coco Jones (3:35)
  • Run Rudolph Run – Foo Fighters (2:28)
  • Candy Cane Lane (3:53)
  • Total Praise (feat. Voquality Singers) (3:46)
  • Kringles (1:37)
  • Recently Fired Person (1:13)
  • I Got Laid Off (1:37)
  • $100,000! (0:57)
  • Meet Pepper (2:48)
  • Rubbing the Partridge (1:00)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas (feat. London Voices) (0:28)
  • Chris Reveals His Tree (1:16)
  • Who Took My Ornaments? (1:12)
  • Swans A-Swimming (0:58)
  • French Hens (2:04)
  • Chris Escapes With the Villagers (5:33)
  • The Carvers Meet the Villagers (0:42)
  • Nick Gets Funky / Pepper Rallies the Troops (3:15)
  • Lords Leaping at the Track Meet (3:14)
  • $100,000 in Tacos! (0:49)
  • Pepper Has a Lot to Learn About Christmas (1:08)
  • I Knew Santa Was Black! (0:58)
  • We Have a Contract! (1:44)
  • Fly, My Pretties!, Pt. 1 (2:09)
  • Pipers vs Tubadours – Gotta Get Those Rings! (0:31)
  • Fly, My Pretties!, Pt. 2 (1:28)
  • Time For Me to Take the Wheel! (3:37)
  • She Should be Flogged or Somethin (0:53)
Candy Cane Lane - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Candy Cane Lane Soundtrack (2023)

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