Laroy Texas Soundtrack 2024
Laroy Texas Soundtrack 2024

Laroy Texas Soundtrack 2024: Here’s the upcoming comedy film Leroy Texas, written and directed by Shane Atkinson.

The film stars John Magaro, Steve Zahn, Dylan Baker, and Galadriel Steinman.

The official Synopsis of the film is The story follows a man, Ray, who learns of his wife’s betrayal, after which he decides to kill himself. After an incident, a stranger mistakes him for a low-rent hitman.

Release Date: 12 April 2024

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Who Composed Laroy Texas Soundtrack?

  • Delphine Malaussena: Delphine Malaussena composed music for the Laroy Texas Soundtrack. She is famously known for Junkyard Dog (2023), La Révolution (2020), and Opium (2013).
  • Rim Laurens: Rim Lawrence is a talented composer who has written songs for over ten years. His songs have been selected for over 500 festivals, such as the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, and have received 35 international awards.
  • Clément Peiffer: He is famously known for LaRoy (2023), Points of View (2023) and Hors de la brume (2022).
Who Composed Laroy Texas Soundtrack
Who Composed Laroy Texas Soundtrack

Laroy Texas Soundtrack List

Below, we have made the complete Laroy Texas Soundtrack List.

  • On The Way: This song is part of the album Chilombo by artist Jhené Aiko, released in 2022,
  • Floating (Part 1)
  • Cash
  • Dust
  • Cactus money
  • Following
  • Lioness
  • Tiller Break In
  • Hostile
  • Harry Follow Angie
  • Funny Drawing
  • Wild
  • My Wife…
  • Floating (Part 2)
  • The Sign
  • Ray Escapes
  • Died

You can listen to all the songs individually on various platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and one of the best options to search on YouTube.

Official Trailer

You can watch the film’s official trailer here, which will give you an idea of ​​the film.

LaRoy, Texas (2024) - Official Trailer
Laroy Texas Soundtrack 2024

Vudu revealed that the new crime comedy LaRoy, Texas, was previously known as just LaRoy and stated, “It’s important to finish things once we start them…”

The film stars John Magaro (from Past Lives and First Cow) as Ray and Steve Zahn as his strange P.I. Are in the form.

Laroy Texas Soundtrack 2024
Laroy Texas Soundtrack 2024 Credit:

The film is scheduled to be released in late spring on April 12th.

Friends, Dylan Baker, Galadriel Steinman, Matthew Del Negro, Bob Clendenin, Brad Leland, Megan Stevenson, and Emily Pendergast.

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