1989 Taylor Swift'sVersion: Swift Takes Control with Reclaimed Masters and Hidden Hits
1989 Taylor Swift'sVersion: Swift Takes Control with Reclaimed Masters and Hidden Hits

Taylor Swift released her 1989 album Taylor’s Version 1989, she re-released her songs but with the songs she wrote and sang but never released she named hidden gems.

She has released five new albums named:

  • Slut!
  • Say Don’t Go
  • Now That We Don’t Talk
  • Suburban Legends
  • What Is it over now?

Taylor Swift’s efforts to re-recording albums

Taylor’s decision to re-record her 1989 version shows the 2019 incident when a company after purchasing her recording wanted to control her work. This re-recording shows Taylor’s courage.

The start of Taylor’s 1989 version is promising, She released her album “This Love”. Her voice clearly shows how much she wants to live her 1989 version again.

After listening, fans get much more excited to listen to Taylor’s 1989 version.

Description of Taylor’s 1989 albums

Taylor Swift’s 1989 albums are the most popular music albums of her, for these albums, she takes three Grammy Awards with her. Also “Bad Blood” got the best music video award.

Here’s a brief description of Taylor’s 1989 version albums

Welcome to New York: This song is the fifth studio album of 1989 (2014). The song was written by Taylor and Ryan, This represents Taylor’s arrival and settlement in New York City.

Blank Space: In this song, she expresses herself as a bubbly girl, making fun of herself. What’s more, the love series has also been depicted in this song.

Style: This song represents a love affair of Taylor’s that did not last. Although Taylor never explained the reason behind this song. But this is what his fans feel.

Out of the Woods: This shows the lost and broken relationships of Gain Taylor. Because of this Taylor was broken.

Shake it off: This song shows a bad image of Taylor but it doesn’t matter to Taylor what people think about her, she wants to fly freely like a free bird.

Bad Bood: Taylor talked in an interview about how a musician friend of hers misbehaved with his co-workers and made this song a little bit of what he was thinking about.

There are many other songs included in her 1989 version. Go and enjoy on Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel.

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