Mystic Christmas Soundtrack (2023)
Mystic Christmas Soundtrack (2023)

Mystic Christmas Soundtrack (2023): Mystic Christmas is a romance movie directed by Marlo Hunter and tells the story of An animal lover and his friend.

2023 Mystic Christmas is inspired by the 1988 movie Mystic Pizza. The film stars Jessy Schram, Chandler Massey, Delaney Quinn, William R (who also starred in Mystic Pizza as a different character), and others.

Mystic Christmas Soundtrack List

  • Jingle Bells: Jingle Bells by Ian Post was released in 2020 under the album title On the Eve of Traditions. Jingle Bells. Ian Post’s “Jingle Bells” is a rendition of the classic holiday song. It was released in 2020 as part of the album “On the Eve of Tradition”.
  • Christmas is Knocking: Christmas is Knocking by Bamtone was released in 2020 under the album title Holly Jolly Me. This original song portrays the joy and anticipation of Christmas with references to traditional elements such as snow, bells, and Santa Claus.
Christmas Is Knocking
  • Fall In Love This Christmas: Fall In Love This Christmas by Foster was released in 2020 under the album of the same name. It was released on November 5, 2021, and was written by artist Daniel Moore II, with Forth Carey and Franklin producing it.
Mariah Carey, Khalid, Kirk Franklin - Fall in Love at Christmas (Official Music Video)
  • Can You Hear the Sleigh Bells: Can You Hear the Sleigh Bells by Ofer Korean released in 2020 under the album of the same title, “Can You Hear the Sleigh Bells” is a song by Ofer Koren and Ben Sharkey. It was released by Artlist Original on December 18, 2020. This song is available on platforms like YouTube.
  • Christmas is Coming: Christmas is Coming by The Sam Every Bing Band 2020 album of the same name.

Compose of Mystic Christmas Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Mystic Christmas is composed by various artists including Ian Post, Bamtone, and Foster and Ofer Korean, The Sam. You can find more info about the soundtrack on Genius and also listen to it on Apple Music.

  • Ian Post: Musician Ian Post is a composer as well as a producer from Israel. He includes several compositions including “Breathe” and “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”.
  • Bamtone: Bamton is a writer and musician based in Toronto, Canada. They have an impressive catalog of over 4,000 tracks1. His music was critically acclaimed, appearing on numerous TV series such as Trike Family, Shameless, The Flash, Wahlbergers, Ride with Norman Reeds, All American, The Dude, and more.
  • Foster: Mark Derek Foster is an American singer and musician, best known as the lead singer of the band Foster the People.
Preview - Mystic Christmas - Hallmark Channel
Mystic Christmas Soundtrack (2023)

Mystic Christmas Soundtrack (2023): If you want to listen to the song watch it on YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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