Taylor Swift's Heartfelt Support 'Seven' in 'Heartstopper' and Million-Dollar Tour Crew Bonuses
Taylor Swift's Heartfelt Support 'Seven' in 'Heartstopper' and Million-Dollar Tour Crew Bonuses

Taylor Swift was very happy with “Big Bucks” and ‘Heartstopper’ using her lyrics.

The 33-year-old singer allowed her track “Seven” from 2020’s “Folklore” to be used in an emotional scene in the season two finale of the upcoming Netflix series starring lesbian couple Tara (Corinna Brown). ) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell).

Music supervisor Matt Biffa highlighted that the show did not have a huge budget to pay the Grammy winners huge royalties and that Taylor Swift was more than happy to help them with this “beautiful” moment.

When one Twitter user wrote: “So you mean THIS heartstopper scene with ‘seven’ by Taylor Swift in the background that highlights sapphic love and absolute queer joy, she was willing to get less money because she thought it was beautiful and her song would be perfect for it???? (sic)”

Biff responded: “No, she just thought the scene was beautiful and we were then able to make it work.”

He also wrote: “Sometimes art is more important than $$$.”

The music has also been featured in hit shows such as The 1975 and Wolf Alice.

Meanwhile, the pop superstar handed out a $55 million bonus to her tour crew.

According to People, the catering staff was given cash bonuses, and the ‘All Too Well’ singer rewarded her hardworking ‘Eraz’ tour crew, which included dancers, riggers, and sound technicians.

She offered a six-figure bonus to truckers who were transporting his equipment across America. It was recently revealed by TMZ that Taylor gifted each of his tour truck drivers a $100,000 bonus.

Taylor Swift is believed to have had 50 truckers on tour, indicating she alone gave them $5 million in bonuses.

However, Taylor’s taken in $1 billion in sales on national tours has already in sales.

In March they kicked off the ‘Eraze’ Tour in Glendale, Arizona, and this week completed the original US leg with two concerts at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles as part of their six sold-out shows.

Taylor will head to Mexico in late August and tour Europe, Asia as well as Australia in 2024, with more dates in the US and Canada next year.

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