Nelly Furtado and Dom Dolla's Electrifying Lollapalooza Surprise
Nelly Furtado and Dom Dolla's Electrifying Lollapalooza Surprise

Lollapalooza Surprise: Lollapalooza starts Thursday morning in Chicago with 90-degree temperatures.

Excited about Nelly Furtado‘s global collaboration with Dom Dolla ‘Eat Your Man’, Lollapalooza festival attendees were in for a surprise last Thursday when Nelly came onstage to Perry during Dom’s set for a surprise performance.

One of Thursday’s biggest surprises which will be hard to top throughout the weekend included the return of Canadian singer, songwriter, and pop star Nelly Furtado, who made a surprise appearance during Australian DJ and house music producer Dom Dolla’s set. Entered. surprised fans as a guest.

“I’d like to bring out a very special guest,” said Dolla one named for Lollapalooza co-founder Perry Farrell. “Who knows Nelly Furtado?”

The stage was set for an afternoon featuring special guests and a surprising number of events on the first day, largely defined by ambitious international consolidation, although this marked the start of the festival for the third year in a row as gates closed at 11 am.

“I feel like Lolla is this really cool mix of artists and people. And it feels like a festival that represents all different types of genres and humans – and that’s sort of what I try to do as a musician,” said singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun, the daughter of Nigerian immigrants.

“This city is actually really special to me. My dad went to college when he first came to the United States. And my sister was born here. So it’s one of my favorite festivals,” she said. “It always feels nice to be at a festival that feels like home. And where I can see a lot of cool music that I want to watch.”

While Oladokun performed for an hour on the North Main Stage of the festival on Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. ”The new Proof of Life”, the Sense of Hope That Informs Their Third Full-Length Album.

“I want to see Kendrick. That’ll be tight,” Thursday prior to her set, said Oladokun backstage “The Beaches too. I’m going to try and slip over there. And, at some point, I usually walk around every festival I go to just to see if I can find someone on a stage that you didn’t know about,” she continued. “And I’m going to see Noah obviously – because he’s my friend and I love him.”

Proof of Life includes a duet with singer-songwriter Noah Kahan, who will perform at Lollapalooza on Thursday, with the pair working together on “We’re All Gonna Die,” a cheeky take on life.

“Noah is a good friend. And probably my favorite person I’ve met doing this job,” Oladokun explained. “So when I wrote the chorus to ‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ I just texted it to him like, ‘I feel like you would smash this.’ And he did,” she said.

“It’s something we have fun singing together and playing together. And it’s just a song that I think represents both of our sensibilities – and also our sense of humor in a cool way that doesn’t always happen in the rest of our music. So, it’s cool that we got to pair up on something that feels like us and feels like our friendship – but is so uniquely different.”

Kahn attracted a huge crowd three hours later by performing for 60 minutes on Tito’s stage at the Petrillo Music Shell in Chicago’s Grant Park.

Lollapalooza, how you doing?” asked the Vermont-born singer to rapturous applause. “My name is Noah Kahan. I’m called the Jewish Ed Sheeran,” he joked following “All My Love.” “Let’s have some fun!”

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