Gangs of Sherwood Soundtrack (2)
Gangs of Sherwood Soundtrack (2)

Gangs of Sherwood Soundtrack: This is an imagined video game of Robin Hood in which 1 to 4 players participate. You can play as Robin, Marianne, Friar Tech, or Lil John, four heroes with unique, fully customizable coaching styles. You can set out in search of riches to loot so you can give them to the poor.

From the Sherwood Fort restaurant to the Sheriff’s Flute castle, the way forward is blocked by hordes of stormtroopers.

Who Composed Gangs of Sherwood Soundtrack

Markus Zierhofer: Markus Zierhofer is a renowned composer of the soundtrack Dangerous Rock which blends orchestral grandeur with electronic innovation that elevates the story. From mysterious crescendos to guitar motifs, Zierhofer’s music directs and echoes, leaving a lasting template connection.

Gangs of Sherwood OST

  • Main Theme 03:17
  • Our Shelter 03:07
  • Let The Show Begin! 02:50
鈴木愛理‐『Let The Show Begin』(Music video)
  • Brother At Arms 03:07
  • Lord Gisborne’s Attack 03:13
  • Enemy Ground 03:16
  • The Sherrif of Nottingham 03:23
  • Sherwood Forrest 03:18
  • Spider Tank 03:15
  • Escape from Chesterfield 02:28
  • Resistance Fighters 02:23
  • Streets of Locksley 02:23
  • Mission Recap 01:38
  • The End has no Fear 03:19
  • Alan-A-Dale Showtime 02:00
  • The Tavern Gang 03:31

Official Trailer

Gangs of Sherwood - Official Trailer
Gangs of Sherwood Soundtrack

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