Super Mario RPG Remake Soundtrack (2023)
Super Mario RPG Remake Soundtrack (2023)

Super Mario RPG Remake Soundtrack: Developed by ArtePiazza, which had previously worked on games in Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series. Super Mario RPG Remake was released on November 17, 2023.

It features full 3D graphics, updated character and enemy names, to the original music, and a newly soundtrack by Shimomura.

Who composed the Super Mario RPG Remake?

Yoko Shimomura composed the soundtrack of Super Mario RPG Remake. Who is a Japanese composer and pianist primarily known for her work in video games such as the Kingdom Hearts series.

In 1988 began working in the video game industry by joining Capcom the same year. She wrote music for several games there, Street Fighter II, including Final Fight, and The King of Dragons.

Super Mario RPG Remake Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of the soundtracks. You can listen on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other various platforms.

  • Fun Adventure, Cheerful AdventureLet’s Try!
  • In The Flower Garden
  • Bowser’s Keep (First Visit)
  • Battling Bowser
  • The Sword that Scattered Stars
  • Super Mario House
  • Where To?
  • Danger Abounds on the Journey
  • Battling Monsters
  • Victory!
  • Hello, Happy Kingdom
  • Let Me Explain!
  • A New Friend
  • Danger Aplenty on the Journey
  • Irrepressible Star
  • Battling Strongish Monsters
  • The Weapons Show Up
  • Battling a Weapon Boss
  • Got a Star Piece!
  • Monsters Abound in the Dungeon
  • Let’s take the Midas River
  • Grandpa and the Upbeat Tadpoles
  • Shock!
  • Elegy
  • Play “Save the World” with Me!
  • Geno Awakening
  • Beware of Forest Mushrooms
  • Rose Town
  • Greeting from the Pipes
  • Welcome to Yo’ster Isle!
  • Let’s Race
  • A Working Mole Is a Happy Mole
  • Moleville Mountain Rail
  • This is Booster Tower
  • And That Makes Me Booster!
  • Long, Long Ago…
  • A Little Anxious
  • The Hill
  • The Bell Rings Out at Marrymore
  • Melody of Celebration
  • Where Flowers Bloom under Starlight
  • The Sunken Ship
  • Shopping at Seaside Town
  • Monstro Town, Our Paradise
  • Battling Culex
  • Victory Over Culex
  • Conversation With Culex
  • A Masterpiece Composed with Toadofsky
  • Let’s Get Fluffy!
  • Valen-Valentina
  • Dodo has Arrrived!
  • Barrel Volcano
  • The Axem Rangers Burst In
  • Bowser’s Keep (Second Visit)
  • The Factory
  • Battling Smithy
  • Battling Smithy’s Many Forms
  • Farewell, Geno… / The Wishes from the Stars
  • The End!
Super Mario RPG Remake – Complete Original Soundtrack OST w/ Timestamps [2023]
Super Mario RPG Remake Soundtrack Super Mario RPG Remake Soundtrack

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