Diddy Reflects on Billionaire Status and Humble Beginnings (5)
Diddy Reflects on Billionaire Status and Humble Beginnings (5)

Diddy has started his career as a backup dancer. Friday, he posted on Instagram, his first appearance in a music video. His first music video is “Mo Money Mo Problems“.

He said it is important to remember always where you come from.

He wrote; “I started my career as a backup dancer going from audition to audition. Trying to pursue my dreams!!” he captioned the video. “It’s humbling to see life come around full circle. Keep focused, Keep driving, keep working! One day you’ll be able to say you did it! Believe that!!”

Diddy’s First video appearance

He posted a post on Instagram, which you can see here also.

Diddy’s Interview

In an interview Diddy talks about his expeirence and journey throughout his career.

When he was asked whether he thinks about his billionaire status at night, Diddy replied with a laugh, “I think about it every day.”

He continues “Look you have to understand me, I’m self-made I come from just putting two quarters together, $2 together, I was a paperboy when I was 12, I wasn’t even allowed to be a paperboy,.”

“I was running a paperboy scam, you know what I’m saying, so I was delivering papers for paperboys and I was splitting the money with them.”

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He further said, “You know from cleaning bathrooms in New York during the heatwave, just things that were just you know really, painting houses. You know doing all types of things so it’s like you work hard, you get what you deserve, and I’m blessed to have had people support me.”

Diddy has released his album “The Love Album: Off the Grid” on September 15, 2023. It was amzing and loved by the audience, you should also take a look.

Brought My Love
The Love Album: Off the Grid

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