Dan Smith Teases Epic Collaboration with Hans Zimmer on 'Pompeii' Rendition
Dan Smith Teases Epic Collaboration with Hans Zimmer on 'Pompeii' Rendition

Dan Smith is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut album Bad Blood. Famous and legendary composer Hans Zimmer is supporting him. What could be happier than this for Bastille frontman Dan Smith?

Dan Smith’s Collaboration with Zimmer

Dan Smith talks about the celebration, He said, “I’ve got to say, the nights that we’ve had to go on after you, we’re all like, “Fuck. Oh fuck.” I remember once having to play after The Roots at a festival. “

He continues “We just stood side of the stage watching them be The Roots and just do their thing. And we’re such huge fans. “

He further said, “I remember seeing Questlove, get a text message, and he picks up his phone, doesn’t drop a single beat, sends a reply to the text as he’s doing the most insane rhythm, then puts it back down and carries on. And we are just watching from … head in hand like, oh, we’ve got to follow that.”

By his statement, it is clear how overwhelmed he feels. Talking about his experience with Zimmer. Read below.

He said, “I met him and his team and they asked me to help with the music. So I’m working with Hans and these two other incredible composers. For me, I’m such a huge fan of so many of the scores that he’s done. And they’re iconic, from The Lion King through to True Romance.”

“I love True Romance so much that we actually sample the score from True Romance on one of our mix tapes. So to have come full circle and get to work with him.”

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He continues “I worked on the opening theme for Planet Earth III and have been doing choral scoring over a bunch of the scenes. So it’s just been really fun. “

“In a room like this, where we are backstage, windowless, arena room to then put some headphones on and watch a clip of a snow leopard. And then just try and add all of this vocal work to that.”

He further said “And then basically Hans and his team said that they wanted to do a version of Pompeii. He wanted to re-orchestrate it for the closing credits and for the trailer for the show.”

” So we’ve now got this collaborative version of Pompeii with Hans and this orchestra. And it’s so amazing. For me, it’s my absolute dream to get to work on a score and on a TV show like that.”

Dan Smith from Bastille on his upcoming projects

Smith said, “I’m sure you’re the same. But I thrive off having really different contrasting projects. At the moment, I’m writing multiple albums for the band. I’m working on a musical. And writing for a bunch of movies and helping score this TV show. And I’m absolutely loving it all.”

“And that’s one of the records that we are doing at the moment, I want to call two and a half weeks, and basically just do a really grungy heavy rock album that is rough as anything and loose. But I want to write the songs.”

I want us to go and practice, and then we have two and a half weeks strictly just to make the entire thing, and track it all live. And just because that’s so the opposite of my process, sitting with headphones on, a little MIDI keyboard, working away on logic, doing loads and loads and loads and loads of takes.”

He continues,” Because I can, and because I want to. And that for me is part of the fun. And layering and layering and layering. Take all of that, and chuck it in the bin. And go back to the old-school way of doing it because even though that was the norm for us, it’s not.”

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