Lawmen: Bass Reeves Soundtrack
Lawmen: Bass Reeves Soundtrack

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Soundtrack: Lawmen: Bass Reeves is an upcoming  American Western television series created by Chad Feehan and executive produced by Taylor Sheridan. The Genre of the Movie is Western.

The series premiered on Paramount+ on Sunday, November 5, 2023, with accompanying episodes.

Christina Voros directs the first episode and four others. The series will have eight episodes.

Who is the Composer of Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Chanda Dancy: This American musician is a violinist, keyboardist, and singer—founder and President of CWADDY Music, Dancy Film, and other multimedia artists and composers.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Soundtrack

Chanda Dancy,45, is an American film composer, violinist, keyboardist, and singer. Her full name is Chanda Yvette Dancy. University of Southern California, Houston Christian University, USC Thornton School of Music.

The founder and president of CYD Music, Dancy, is an artist and composer for film and other multimedia. She is also a member of the rock band Modern Time Machines.

All the listed soundtracks are composed by Chanda Dancy and were released on November 10, 2023.

  • A Light in No Man’s Land (1:13)
  • The Battle at Pea Ridge (3:28)
  • No Celebrations On Return (2:18)
  • Jenny and Bass (1:53)
  • Bass Was Cheated – On the Run (8:06)
  • The Crow’s Scraps (1:21)
  • Meeting Curtis (1:18)
  • Sarah Offers Home – Learning the Ways (3:05)
  • Trading Post – 1865 (1:25)
  • Hell Comes to the Trading Post (1:23)
  • Curtis the Brave (1:11)
  • The Skies Over a Free Man’s Head (1:49)
  • Burning Crops (1:15)
  • Deputy U.S. Marshal (3:46)
  • Let It Shine (1:44)
  • Prayer for the Dead (3:04)
  • Found Charlie (4:11)
  • Wolves (1:57)
  • Hush Now (1:27)
  • Found Billy (2:28)
  • Montgomery Wants the Money (2:54)
  • Empty Boots (1:03)
  • Delivering Billy (3:26)
  • Tell Us a Story (1:47)
  • Billy the Killer (2:09)

Additional Music Song of film of Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Here is the complete list of songs, along with the episode. Just check out and enjoy the playlist:

Episode 1: ‘Part I’

  • A Light iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy
  • Father, Father is a song by Laura Mvula. The song is part of the album Sing to the Moon, and it was released on March 1, 2013, by RCA Victor.

The song deeply highlights the complex relationship between a father and daughter. The lyrics of the song describe a daughter’s longing for her father’s presence, both physically and psychologically.

This is dictated by the influence of either a distant or philosophical father as well as the universal desire for a deep and meaningful relationship.

Episode 2: ‘Part II’

  • A Light iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy

Episode 3: ‘Part III’

  • A Light iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy
  • Found Billy by Chanda Dancy

Episode 4: ‘Part IV’

  • I hear the Savior Say by Cast.
  • A Light iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy
  • Rock of Ages, cleft for me by Cast
  • Jennie And Bass by Chanda Dancy
  • Montgomery Wants The Money by Chanda Dancy

Episode 5: ‘Part V’

  • A Light iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy
  • O Captain! My Captain! by Cast
  • Paris Barrel Organ by AXS Music
  • Early In The Morning (Remastered) by Johnny Lee Moore & Unidentified Prisoners

Episode 6: ‘Part VI’

  • A Light Iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy
  • Curtis the Brave by Chanda Dancy
  • Prayer for the Dead by Chanda Dancy
  • Delivering Billy by Chanda Dancy

Episode 7: ‘Part VII’

  • A Light Iո No Man’s Land by Chanda Dancy
  • Hush Now by Chanda Dancy

Trailer songs

  • Judgment Day by ASTRNMY

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Lawmen: Bass Reeves | Official Trailer | Paramount+
Lawmen: Bass Reeves Soundtrack Lawmen: Bass Reeves Soundtrack

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