1670 Soundtrack
1670 Soundtrack

1670 Soundtrack: 1670 is a new upcoming Netflix TV series directed by Maciej Buchwald and Kordian Kadzilla.

This is a historical drama that does not select itself. The Great Operation may have been the initial sermon due to the theory, but it’s not the only TV show with similar themes.

Netflix‘s new upcoming historical comedy series, with most of the action taking place in the fictional town of Adamzicha. The location chosen by the team for the song is important to create a realistic historical feel.

Release Date: December 13, 2023 (United States)

Even though the series appears to take viewers to the 17th century, it was shot in a specially chosen location that matched the look and feel of that time.

Official Synopsis: In this satirical comedy, a zany nobleman navigates through family feuds and clashes with peasants in his quest to become Poland’s most famous figure.

1670 Soundtrack (2)
1670 Soundtrack (2) Credit: Kultura – Gazeta.pl

Genres: Comedy, History

1670 Soundtrack List

Here is the complete soundtrack list:

The Assembly (S01E01)

  • Cold Genius – Henry Purcell
  • Hohenzollern – John Gray
  • Jabloneczka (Ciemna Nocka) – Traditional
  • Trio Sonata in C Major – Georg Philipp Telemann, Charles Berry
  • Hej Sokoly – Chor Sarmatow

Spring (S01E03)

  • Greensleeves – Cieslaw & Wilanowa: This is the song by the artist Cieslaw & Wilanowa.
  • Juz moj kochanek (WoWaKin) – Cast
  • Cozes Ty Kasiu – WoWaKin: This song is part of the album1670, released in 2023 by the artist  WoWaKinNina Kodorska
  • Dzwolski Lubelskie – Kapela Niwinskich

Equality March (S01E04)

  • Marys moja, Marys (Mieszkaniec Adamczychy) – Cast
  • Jabloneczka – Kapela Niwinskich

The Plague (S01E05)

  • Nie szczedz grosza – Kuglarz Simon
  • Od Przysuchy – Kapela Niwinskich
  • Od Pilicy – Kapela Niwinskich

The Duel (S01E06)

  • Final Countdown – Europe: Final Countdown is a song composed by Swedish rock band Europe, released in 1986, and written by lead singer Joey Tempest. It was based on a keyboard riff he created in the early 1980s, from which Ball took inspiration from David Bowie’s “Space Mechanic.”

The Hunt (S01E07)

  • Vivaldi: Concerto grosso in D minor , Op.3/11 , RV 565 – 3. Allegro – Roberto Michelucci/Anna Maria Cotogni/Enzo Altobelli/I Musici.

The Wedding (S01E08)

  • Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn: The music, written in C major in 1842 by Felix Mendelssohn, is one of the most famous operas from his Axe (Operation 61) to Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The song is often used in wedding processions and is played on church pipes instead.
  • Mazur Zydowski – Kapela Niwinskich
  • Taniec Weselny II – Kapela Niwinskich
  • Krakowiaki – Kapela Niwinskich

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Official Trailer

Here you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score after releasing the original soundtrack.

You can also watch the film’s official trailer on YouTube, where you can glimpse the story and characters.

1670 | Oficjalny zwiastun | Netflix
1670 Soundtrack

Source of 1670 Soundtrack: Soundtracki

Cast of the film includes:

  • Bartłomiej Topa as Jan Paweł Adamczewski, a Sarmatian nobleman and part owner of the village of Adamczycha
  • Katarzyna Herman as Zofia, Jan Paweł’s wife, a religious fanatic
  • Martyna Byczkowska as Aniela, Jan Paweł’s rebellious and progressive daughter
  • Michał Sikorski [pl] as Jakub, Jan Paweł’s younger son, a business-minded priest
  • Michał Balicki [pl] as Stanisław, Jan Paweł’s older son and heir of the family estate
  • Andrzej Kłak [pl] as Andrzej, part owner of the village of Adamczycha and Jan Paweł’s enemy
  • Dobromir Dymecki [pl] as Bogdan, Zofia’s brother, a hussar
  • Kirył Pietruczuk as Maciej, the blacksmith’s apprentice and Aniela’s love interest
1670 Soundtrack (2)
1670 Soundtrack (2) Credit: Kultura – Gazeta.pl

Who Composed the 1670 Soundtrack?

Jerzy Rogiewicz: Jerzy Rogiewicz composed music for the 1670 Soundtrack. He is famously known for Jerzy Rogiewicz, known for Cold War (2018), Mr. Jones (2019), and Teatroteka: Beauty (2019).

Whether you’re searching for that one song you love or want to suggest an additional 1670 Soundtrack, we’ve got you covered. Share your thoughts in the comments below and help us expand our database!

Composer of the 1670 Soundtrack
Composer of the 1670 Soundtrack Credit: Culture.pl

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