Knokke Off Soundtrack
Knokke Off Soundtrack

Knokke Off Soundtrack: Knock Off is a Dutch-language fantasy television series created by Anthony Van Byervliet and broadcast in 2023. It is based on the story of a group of youth and their parents, whose children’s summer was set on the coast of Belgium.

Release date: May 12, 2023 (Belgium)

Genre: Drama

Official Synopsis: Follows a group of teenagers as they spend the summer at the Belgian seaside while searching for love, friendship, and, most importantly, for themselves.

Who Composed Knokke Off Soundtrack?

Patricia Vanneste: Patricia is a renowned artist who has been touring nationally and internationally since the age of 17 with various bands and projects (Blethazar, Indicator Sea, Amatorski, Sonar, Driftwood).

Sohnarr: She is one of the famous vocalists and the solo project of violinist-composer Patricia Vanest.

Knokke Off Soundtrack List

All songs in this soundtrack are from the same album, even composed by the same artist, Patricia Vaneste, released on June 2, 2023.

  • The power of illusions 03:37
  • Don’t forget to breathe 01:28
  • Savage 01:58
  • Time after time, they meet in solitude (Intro theme) 01:46
  • Imploration of the self I 02:47
  • Silent Rebellion 08:39
  • Breathe again 01:22
  • The nausea of curiosity 03:17
  • When we thought we could still fix this, 14:03
  • Headspinning 02:49
  • Take the plunge 01:22
  • Imploration of the self II 03:01
  • And so they’ve danced their way out 11:51
Trailer KNOKKE OFF - Original Soundtrack by Sohnarr
Knokke Off Soundtrack

Knokke Off Soundtrack: You can listen to the entire soundtrack on Apple Music. You can buy the full official soundtrack on Amazon Music.

Official Trailer

Officiële trailer | Knokke off
Knokke Off Soundtrack

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