Zach Bryan Drops Highly Anticipated Self-Titled Album, Revealing Collaborations and Tracks
Zach Bryan Drops Highly Anticipated Self-Titled Album, Revealing Collaborations and Tracks

Rising music artist Zach Bryan, known for his breakout debut album, has unveiled his self-titled follow-up album via Warner Records. The 16-track album offers an expansive yet intimate exploration of Bryan’s Oklahoma roots and diverse musical and literary influences. Produced and written by Bryan himself, the release marks a raw and direct connection between the artist and his global audience.

Album Tracks and Collaborations

The album features collaborations that add depth to Bryan’s musical journey. Notable tracks include “Overtime,” praised for its uplifting energy and sweeping chorus, and a collaboration with The Lumineers on the snippet of “Spotless.”

Collaborations with Kacey Musgraves on “I Remember Everything,” Sierra Ferrell on “Holy Roller,” and The War and Treaty on “Hey Driver” further enrich the album’s diverse soundscape.

Standout tracks such as “El Dorado,” “Tourniquet,” and the album-closer “Oklahoma Son” contribute to the album’s captivating essence.

Zach Bryan Self-Titled Album Release and Availability

Physical copies of the album will be released on vinyl and CD starting on October 13, and fans can pre-order the album on

Zach Bryan’s Upcoming Tour and Future Plans

As Bryan wraps up his Burn, Burn, Burn Tour, including record-breaking performances, he is gearing up for more excitement in 2024. The news release promises that tour dates for the upcoming year will be announced soon, keeping fans eagerly anticipating more live performances.


Zach Bryan’s self-titled album release presents a significant milestone in the artist’s journey, unveiling a collection of tracks that delve into his roots, influences, and collaborations. With an impressive track record and global following, Bryan’s music continues to resonate with audiences, setting the stage for an exciting future in the music industry.

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