Miley Cyrus Family Feud: Siblings Take Sides Amid Parent's Divorce
Miley Cyrus Family Feud: Siblings Take Sides Amid Parent's Divorce

Miley Cyrus, the renowned singer behind “Wrecking Ball,” is currently entangled in a family feud stemming from her parents’ divorce. The once-unified Miley Cyrus family now faces division and alliances among their children, revealing the complex emotions that often accompany such situations.

Miley Cyrus Parental Divorce Sparks Disagreements

The division in the family stems from the divorce of Miley’s parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, which took place in April of the previous year. This unexpected development has given rise to a series of disputes and allegiances among their children, highlighting the intricate emotions intertwined with such situations.

Unity and Division in a Wedding

Tish’s recent wedding to actor Dominic Purcell showcased both unity and division within the family. Miley assumed the role of her mother’s maid of honor, while her siblings Brandi and Trace attended the event. However, the absence of Noah and Braison, Miley’s younger siblings, conveyed a clear message about their allegiances. Noah’s choice to wear a T-shirt featuring her father Billy Ray’s image silently spoke volumes about her stance.

Siblings Choose Sides Amidst Limited Communication

The once-close Cyrus family is now grappling with divisions as the siblings align themselves with either their mother or father. Limited communication exacerbates the situation, leaving Miley, who is at the center of the turmoil, to navigate the complexities with maturity and frustration. Despite the challenges, Miley supported her mother during the wedding, showcasing her adult approach to the situation.


Miley Cyrus’ family feud deepens as the consequences of her parents’ divorce continue to unravel. The division among the siblings and their allegiances reveals the complexity of emotions at play. With tensions escalating and communication limited, the future of the Cyrus family remains uncertain, leaving them forever changed by the challenges they face.

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