When is the release of Junior H's New Album 
When is the release of Junior H's New Album 

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Junior H is among the originators of the corrido tumbado (trap corrido) movement. Their sound is dominated by requinto and redo baritone and traditional corrido instruments such as tuba and percussion.

Corridos Tumbados began releasing their own music videos on YouTube and self-recorded a demo album titled Mi Vida en un Cigarro at the age of 17. His first song $ad Boyz 4 Life released in 2021.

One of its songs, “No Eh Cambiado”, went viral due to its unique, raw sound. It received two million views in its first week and 12 million views within a year. One of its visitors was Jimmy Humilde, boss of Rancho Humilde Records.

When is the release of Junior H’s New Album? 

In a recent post, Junior H clearly shows that he is releasing some album but there is no information about when it is being released. If there is any news about a new album I will update you as soon as possible. stay tuned!

On Instragram Junior H wrote “tan only 2 minutes of the new disc. Los amos! Promise not to skip any song of that one to the last one.
I’m trembling with emotion💜

Added “I would like to thank the entire team that made this possible, especially the maestro @ernestofernandezproduction for being a part of my second project. I am totally grateful for making this project a BOMBA! Los amos!! #SBZ4Ll”

Here is the poster of the album which he posted on October 30th via Instagram but the name of the album is not known yet.

After self-releasing the viral video single “No Eh Cambiado” while in high school, she signed to Rancho Humilde, who released her debut EP, Atrapado en un Sueño (Trapped in a Dream), as well as a full-length EP. A pair of lengths too. Projects in 2020. The prolific artist returns in 2021 with the smash hit $ed Boyz 4 Life. In 2022, Junior He released Mi Vida en un Cigarro 2 (which entered the Mexican regional charts at number one) and finished the year with Contingent.

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