Unsinkable Soundtrack 2024
Unsinkable Soundtrack 2024

Unsinkable Soundtrack: Here is the new upcoming movie of 2024 that sells on Picture Tree International. International sales rights have been acquired, directed by Cody Hartman and written by Brian Hartman, Cody Hartman, and Eileen Enright Hodgetts.

Release Date: 12 April 2024

The film is based on a true story from 1981 in northern Denmark. It concerns the small Danish fishing town of Hirtshals, where people’s lives are inextricably linked with the sea, meaning that it gives them something and takes something from them.

Unsinkable 2024
Unsinkable 2024

The film’s main stars include Karen Allen, Fiona Dourif, Jayne Wisener, and Cotter Smith.

According to the IMDb, here is the official Synopsis of The inquiry into the sinking of Titanic.

Who Composed Unsinkable Soundtrack?

Scott Glasgow: Scott Glasgow composed a song for the film Unsinkable. He is an award-winning musician who has composed many songs for different studios.

He has included almost all the songs of this genre, including light, sweet, romantic comedy tunes.

Who Composed Unsinkable Soundtrack
Who Composed Unsinkable Soundtrack Credit: IMDb

Unsinkable Soundtrack List

You can check out the complete list on various platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. On these websites, you can easily access the entire soundtrack to listen.

Unsinkable Movie
Unsinkable Movie Credit: IMDb

It’s Anderson’s second film following The Unsinkable, None Shall Sleep (2019), whose co-writer Strange-Hanson won an Oscar as director and writer for This Charming Man (2003), which received a Short Film Academy Award in 2022. also includes. For the short film “On My Mind”.

Official Trailer:

If you are curious about and interested in watching this film, check out the trailer below to glimpse the story.

UNSINKABLE Titanic Untold Official Trailer 2024 Historical Drama
Unsinkable Soundtrack 2024

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