Accidental Texan Soundtrack
Accidental Texan Soundtrack

Accidental Texan Soundtrack: Get ready for the upcoming American comedy-drama film Accidental Texan, also known as Chocolate Lizards.

Mark Lambert Bristol directed the film, which was written by Julie B Denny and Cole Thompson. The film’s main stars include Thomas Haden Church, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rudy Pankow, Bruce Dern, and Julio Cesar Cedillo.

Release date: March 8, 2024

Accidental Texan Director
Accidental Texan Director

The much-awaited film is based on Cole Thompson’s 999 novel Chocolate Lizards.

Who Composed Accidental Texan Soundtrack?

Carl Thiel: Carl Thiel is a famous creation based in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a composer and director known for Alita: Battle Angel (2019), Hot Fuzz (2007), and Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World (2011).

Who Composed Accidental Texan Soundtrack
Who Composed Accidental Texan Soundtrack Credit: Carl Thiel

Accidental Texan Soundtrack List

Below is the complete soundtrack list:

  • Erwin Arrives (1:26)
  • The Walk to the Set (1:18)
  • Oh Shit (0:25)
  • A Fallen Star (2:15)
  • Guided to Town (1:45)
  • West Texas Baptism (2:27)
  • Escape from Chicken Heist (1:29)
  • You Gotta Be the Land Man (0:47)
  • Grandad’s Pecan Trees (1:01)
  • Poking Around in the Plats Office (1:27)
  • Searching for a Lease (1:54)
  • I Have One Week (1:27)
  • How Do We Get into Sun Pride (1:13)
  • Erwin Overhears Dugan (0:59)
  • Waddaya Think, Eddie (0:44)
  • Defeated (1:10)
  • Life Goes On (1:17)
  • We’re Back in Business (1:54)
  • Bullheading All the Way (2:33)
  • Helicopter Attack (2:38)
  • An Odd Thing About Life (2:49)
  • The Last Push (7:05)
  • A New Day (1:04)
  • You’re an Oil Man Now (1:54)

You can explore the complete soundtrack list on Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep an eye out for official announcements, as each new song will add to the overall soundtrack and enhance the movie’s impact.

Official Trailer:

You can watch the film’s official trailer here to get a glimpse and connect with the film easily.

Accidental Texan | Official Trailer | Only In Theaters March 8
Accidental Texan Soundtrack

According to IMDb, the film’s official synopsis is that Erwin finds himself stranded in Texas, where he’s taken under the wing of a nearly bankrupt oil driller, Merle.

They set off on a wild adventure to outwit a corrupt oil company to hit pay dirt before Merle’s dreams are foreclosed.

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Here’s a question for all the viewers: imagine you have planned something different for your life that goes beyond the plan. As the film goes in the same direction, it leaves a question in the mind.

Initially, the film premiered at the Dallas International Film Festival on April 29, 2023. In January, it announced that Roadside Attractions, acquired by North America, would release the film on March 8, 2024.

Accidental Texan
Accidental Texan Credit:

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