Top Music Release of the Week Our Favorite Pick
Top Music Release of the Week Our Favorite Pick

Top Music Release: On Friday, Gucci Mane, Post Malone, Mitski, as well as Carly Rae Jepsen all released their new music. However Astroworld was also there, and the rapper has made a strong comeback with the release of Utopia.

The album provided even more star-studded elements across its spoiler-free tracklist, led by its lead single “K-POP” starring Bad Bunny and The Weeknd.

Drak, Future, and 21 Savage all contribute, but the biggest feature of them all is Beyonce, who makes her first impression on a Scott record to support a guy Houston native.

Austin (his real name is Austin Post) is Malone’s sixth studio album, and it is self-titled. “one of the most challenging, rewarding, and exciting records I’ve worked on” the rapper earlier named the album along with its arrival.

Over the set’s 17 tracks, he dabbles in pop, power ballads, and even disco, which sees him leaning into the sound showcase on blockbuster hit “Circles,” rather than rap classics like “Rockstar” or “Congratulations.” However, The record gets an early start on the charts.

While The album gets a leading start on the Billboard Hot 100 “Chemical,” “Mourning” and “Overdrive” charted at Nos. 13, 36, and 47 on the chart separately.

Earlier this month Offset and Cardi B were the subject of cheating allegations but now the pair have managed it in a song.

The Migos rapper’s latest single “Jealousy” features him and his wife avoiding critics in a huge kiss-off. “You offended when I’m on defense/ They’re too worried about me and my n—a/ You should worry about the n—yours sleep with, hmm,” Cardi responds.

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