Kansas City Set as Backdrop ASAP Rocky's Latest Music Video Filmed, Joined by Rihanna
Kansas City Set as Backdrop ASAP Rocky's Latest Music Video Filmed, Joined by Rihanna

All that social media buzz about ASAP Rocky visiting Kansas City a few weeks ago to film a video? It was correct.

That was the two-time Grammy nominee, recording a video for his latest track, “Riot (Rowdy Pipe’n),” with help from local musicians, actors, makeup artists as well as art teams, and others in the city’s West Bottoms.

A Kansas City production firm, Nomada, has been working with the rapper for six months and has opened the way for the video to be shot in Kansas City, according to the business’s Jason “J” Eubanks.

On Tuesday the video debuted and reached more than 2.5 million views on YouTube by Thursday afternoon.

However, on an Instagram post, the singer’s spotted with his wife Rihanna in Kansas City while the couple expecting their second baby.

She announced her pregnancy in February while her halftime performance at the Super Bowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

On June 4, the rapper was spotted filming shots outside the spooky houses in the West Bottoms. He was also seen driving a yellow Hummer throughout Kansas City while being accompanied by the Kansas City Police Department.

“Riot Rowdy Pipe’n,” produced by Pharrell Williams, will come on ASAP Rocky’s upcoming fourth studio album.

According to Billboard, the music video β€œfinds the Harlem rapper employing highly stylized takes on common riot aesthetics. The Fβ€”n Problems rapper leads a raucous crew of men clad in matching outfits that consist of blue jeans, white t-shirts, and white ski masks.

β€œThe men march alongside a procession of tanks as they take over a faceless urban landscape, pose next to flashy cars, and lay in piles of cash.”

According to social media posts, the film features Kansas City musicians and ASAP Rocky, though it’s tough to determine who’s who because many faces are obscured by the white ski masks.

On Instagram Kansas City drummer Daniel Cole published evidence of his involvement.

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