The Zone of Interest Soundtrack
The Zone of Interest Soundtrack

The Zone of Interest Soundtrack: John of Interest is a new historical drama film written and directed by Jonathan Glaser based on the 2014 novel by Martin Amis.

Although it is produced by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Poland, the film focuses on Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife as they attempt to build a dream life next to the concentration camp.

Release date: February 2, 2024 (United Kingdom)

Genres: Drama, History, War

Official Synopsis: The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, and his wife Hedwig strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the camp.

The Zone of Interest Soundtrack 2024
The Zone of Interest Soundtrack 2024 Credit: Los Angeles Times

Who Composed The Zone of Interest Soundtrack

  • Mica Levi: Mica Levi, also known as Micachu, is an English singer, musician, composer, and producer. Levy is classically trained and has released experimental pop with his band Good Sad Happy Bad since 2008, including the critically acclaimed debut album Making in 2009.

The story is based on the fourteenth novel of the same name by Martin Amis, an international historical war.

The Zone of Interest Soundtrack 2024 (2)
The Zone of Interest Soundtrack 2024 (2) Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

The Zone of Interest Soundtrack List

Here is the complete The Zone of Interest Soundtrack List:

  • Chinesische Strassenserenade: The song is performed by Oriol Sens of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater, and Dance. It was written by Ludwig Seid and arranged by Auschwitz I Men’s Orchestra members.
  • Heil Europa: Mostar Symphony Orchestra performs this song. Written by Franz von Blon, licensed courtesy of X5 Music Group.
  • O du mein Österreich: The Innviertler Symphony Orchestra performs the song. Franz von Suppe wrote it. Licensed with courtesy of Martin Burgstaller.
  • Sunbeams: The song is performed by Joseph Wulf. It is a Voice recording of Joseph Wilf sourced by the United States.
  • Tivoli-Rutch Waltz Op. 39 (arr. for string quartet): The song is performed by Johann Strauss I. Vienna String Quintet wrote it.
  • Tales from the Vienna Woods: The song is performed by the St. Anthony Civic Orchestra, conducted by Carol Jensen. Johann Strauss II wrote it and arranged it. It is licensed courtesy of Carol Jensen and Keith Miner.
  • Vestalin Marsch: The song was performed by Julius Gerold and arranged by Friedrich Diesenroth and Hermann Schmidt. Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Limited, a Concord company, published it.

We will update this article on the tab when the remaining tracks are officially confirmed on February 2, 2024. In the meantime, you can find a combined soundtrack for Movie Soundtrack.

Trailer: You can also watch the film’s official trailer on YouTube to glimpse the story and characters.

The Zone of Interest | Official Trailer HD | A24
The Zone of Interest Soundtrack

External Link: Wikipedia, Film Music Report

A24 has released a new telecast of the drama Jonathan Glazer’s first film in 10 years, which is almost here—a new telecast of the theater ahead of its mid-December drama release.

Mica Levi revealed that Levi was in charge of scoring Glazer’s film after Levi partnered with Glazer on his 2013 film “Under the Skin.” It was his first major film score, presented in an unimaginably brilliant form.

Glazer is a genocide drama set in Auschwitz, Poland. That being said, this film is an ideal and original work. It will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

The Zone of Interest Soundtrack 2024 (3)
The Zone of Interest Soundtrack 2024 (3) Credit: People

The film Joe Offers shows the doctor who works in “The Zone of Interest,” one of the famous movies. It is based on the film “the Martin Amis novel, which has the same name.

It competed for the Palme d’Or; It won the Grand Prix, the FIPRESCI Award, and the Soundtrack Award for Mica Levi’s transfixing score.

This is Glazer’s fourth film to feature her name in music videos and advertising. His last work was done in a 2013 film debut as a Scarlett Johansson sci-fi thriller A24.

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