The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack (TV Series) (1)
The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack (TV Series) (1)

The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack: The Lions of Sicily (Italian: I Lioni di Sicilia) is a 2023 Italian historical drama television series based on The Florios of Sicily by Stefania Ausi.

It premiered at the Rome Film Festival on 23 October 2023 and was released on Disney+ on 25 October 2023.

The series follows the Florio family as they turn a small business into a financial empire. But the arrival of a strong and intelligent woman throws the entire family’s life into disarray.

The-Lions-of-Sicily-Soundtrack-TV-Series Credit: IMDB

Who composed The Lions of Sicily?

Maurizio Filardo composed the music for The Lions of Sicily. He has composed many soundtracks for Italian films, such as Perfect Strangers.

He is a composer and actor known for Perfect Strangers (2016), The Prize (2017), and The Place (2017).

He worked as music director of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, composing and producing the soundtrack used in the background of the broadcasts.

The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack

On October 23, 2023, the series premiered in Rome, after which it was announced that the first four episodes would move to Disney+ on October 25 and the remaining 04 on November 1.

A teaser of the series was released on Telecom on 22 September 2023. The single was officially released on 2 October, featuring the song “Durare” by Laura Pausini.

The The Lions of Sicily soundtrack will be updated soon. It will be available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack (TV Series)
The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack (TV Series) Credit: JustWatch

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Official Trailer:- The film was released on October 25, 2023. You can watch the trailer of Lover, Stalker, Killer on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the story.

The Lions of Sicily | English Trailer | Disney Plus
The Lions of Sicily (TV Series) Soundtrack

The cast of The Lions of Sicily includes Michele Riondino as Vincenzo Florio, Miriam Leone as Giulia, Portalupi, Donatella Finocchiaro as Giuseppina Saffiotti, Ester Pantano as young Giuseppina.

Vinicio Marchioni as Paolo Florio, Eduardo Scarpetta as Ignazio Florio, son of Vincenzo, Paolo Briguglia as Ignazio Florio, Adele Cammarata as Giovanna d’Ondes.

The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack (TV Series) (2)
The Lions of Sicily Soundtrack (TV Series) (2) Credit: IMDB

The soundtrack for this movie, titled The Lions of Sicily soundtrack, is coming soon. The Lions of Sicily was released on November 1, 2023.

Music Department of The Lions of Sicily:- The music department includes Giovanni Guardi and Valerio Mirabella. They both are very talented artists.

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