SZA thought Drake would cause a stir in her movie (1)
SZA thought Drake would cause a stir in her movie (1)

SZA admitted that when she works with ‘The Hotline Bling’ rapper Drake with their Billboard Hot 100 chart topper she never “won’t trust” anyone who thinks her first take vocal is good.

SZA in an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine talks about the experience of working with Drake.

SZA’s Interview

She told the magazine, ” If you accept my first draft, I won’t trust you”.

She said, “I just handed in the first draft to Drake, and he’s putting it on his album. I’m scared because I handed in the second vocals, and he didn’t use that.”

SZA continued, ” And now I’m like, ‘Are you trying to sabotage me?’ I know that’s not true. I literally know that’s not true, but that’s how bad I feel about my first draft. When things come from an effortless space, I almost can’t enjoy it.”

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“After I had box-breathed myself for three months and didn’t get better, I called her in a f***ing frenzy like, ‘I’m about to commit myself to an institution today, I need help!’ I said, ‘What form of therapy do you do? DBT[dialectical behavioral therapy]?”

She further said, “She was like, ‘I don’t have a clinical form of therapy because I’m not a licensed therapist, honey.’ I thought you knew that.’ It turns out she was not a board-certified therapist. She was a f****** life coach.”

SZA also talks about the studio experience saying, “When I leave the studio, I feel better and empty. There’s no better sleep than empty-brain sleep, and that can only come after I’ve been in the studio for 10 hours and done something good in there”.

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