Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack
Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack

Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to update major Sonic Frontiers. The game was released in November 2022.

It can be performed on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows Xbox, One Xbox, and Series X/S.

Genre: Platform and  action-adventure

Who is the composer of Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack?

Takahito Eguchi:(江口 貴勅,  born August 28, 1971) is a Japanese composer, orchestrator, and musician. 

Tomoya Ohtani: (大谷 智哉, born July 1, 1974, in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese composer and bassist. He has been playing music with a band since high school and has also been involved in music and sound activities for theater companies before joining Sega in 1999.

He is mainly in charge of music for the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, beginning with Sonic Adventure 2 (2001).

Kenichi Tokoi: Kenichi Tokoi is one of the composers of the music in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. His first work on the series was Sonic Jam in 1997. Tokoi joined Sega in 1996, and the first game he composed for was Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition.

Kenji Mizuno: Kenji Mizuno is a Musical Artist.

Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack (Disc 1)

Here is the soundtrack of Sonic Frontiers Expansion is listed as Disc 1 and Disc 2.

Takahito Eguchi

  • Cutscene: Unforseen
  • Cutscene: Friends
  • Cutscene: Fist
  • Cutscene: Face Yourself

Tomoya Ohtani

  • Maybe If… – Amy Mvt.
  • Blood Flow – Knuckles Mvt.
  • Another Passage – Tails Mvt
  • Second Wind – Sonic Mvt.
  • Cyber Space 4-A: Genshi Remix
  • Cyber Space 4-E: Dropaholic Remix
  • Cyber Space 4-H: Wishes in the Wind Remix
  • Guardian: NINJA – Alternate ver.

Kenichi Tokoi

  • Master Koco Trial
  • Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Fail
  • Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Clear
  • Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Start
  • Guardian: CATERPILLAR – Alternate ver.

Kanon Oguni

  • Cyber Space 4-I: Time Flyer Remix
  • Cyber Space 4-C: Arrow of Time Remix

Kenji Mizuno

  • Cyber Space 4-B: Escape the Loop Remix
  • Cyber Space 4-D: Rumble Rave Remix

Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack (Disc 2)

Disc 2 soundtrack contains many tracks which are listed below.

Gaby Borro & Tomoya Ohtani

  • I’m With You – Vocal ver.

Tomoya Ohtani

  • Jingle: Action Chain Challenge – Start
  • Action Chain Challenge
  • Jingle: Action Chain Challenge – Clear
  • Guardian: TOWER – Alternate ver.
  • Guardian: SPIDER – Alternate ver.
  • Ouranos Island Remix
  • I’m Here – Instrumental
  • Undefeatable – Instrumental
  • Break Through It All – Instrumental
  • Find Your Flame – Instrumental
  • Dear Father – Instrumental (Tomoya Ohtani, Takahito Eguchi)
  • One Way Dream – Instrumental

Takahito Eguchi

  • Cutscene: Doomed
  • Cutscene: Awakening Takahito Eguchi
  • Cutscene: Geared Up! Takahito Eguchi
  • Cutscene: The Time Has Come Takahito Eguchi
  • Cutscene: Final Battle – Absolute
  • I’m Here – Orchestral ver.
  • Cutscene: A Wonderful World – Celebration Mix[note 2]

Kenichi Tokoi

  • Guardian: GHOST – Alternate ver.
  • Guardian: TANK – Alternate ver

You listen to the track on several platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, & Spotify.

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Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack

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