Shadow Island Soundtrack (2023)
Shadow Island Soundtrack (2023)

David, an aspiring meteorologist, lives on the move with his disabled father in the Swedish army. After serving as his father’s bachelor, David heads to a desert island in the Barents Sea – a place where the truth about his father’s death may lie.

Encountering strange lights in the dark, eerie radio disturbances, and a hidden cave, David begins to question whether or not he is really alone on the island. Suddenly, a female voice calls out over the otherwise quiet radio – a stranger is trying to reach David. Little does he know, his search for the truth is about to turn into a huge conspiracy.

Shadow Island - Official Trailer (2023) Johan L. Heinstedt, Hanne Mathisen Haga
Shadow Island Soundtrack (2023)

Shadow Island Soundtrack (OST)

Shadow Island (2023) is a film directed by Johan Storm and starring Hanne Mathisen Haaga, Magnus Rosman, Anders Eid and Max Lapitskij. It is about a meteorologist who investigates his father’s death on a deserted island.

The soundtrack of the Shadow Island soundtrack has not been released yet. You can revisit the Shadow Island soundtrack here.

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