Queen of Tears Soundtrack 2024
Queen of Tears Soundtrack 2024

Here’s tvN’s latest upcoming K-drama, Queen of Tears, with Kim So Hyun in her sights.

The new series revolves around the story of a humorous married couple who become one after moving in together despite conflicts. However, what is the reason that prompts them to get a divorce?

The series is written by Park Ji-Eun, directed by Kim Hee-won and Young-woo Jang, and written by Ji Eun Park.

Queen of Tears
Queen of Tears Credit: Soompi

Who Composed the Queen of Tears Soundtrack?

The details about the Queen of Tears Soundtrack will be revealed soon.

Official Synopsis of Queen of Tears is A miraculous love story of a married couple overcoming a dizzying crisis.

Genres: Drama, Family, Romance

Release date: March 9, 2024 (United States)

Queen of Tears Soundtrack List

Here is the complete soundtrack list of Queen of Tears:

Part 1

  • BSS(SEVENTEEN)—The Reasons for My Smiles: You can listen to the complete song on YouTube.

Official Trailer:

If you are curious about this series and interested in watching it, you can check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of the story.

Queen of Tears | Official Teaser | Netflix

The teaser begins with Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo stunned after the release. Baek Hyun-woo is stunned and says, “Why is she so beautiful? Why do I find her beautiful?”

Hong Hye-in surprises him by shouting aggressively, “Why aren’t you reacting? If you don’t react, you’re in big trouble!”

The main cast of the film is Kim Soo-Hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-hye.

Other supporting cast are Kim Kap-soo as Hong Man-dae, Lee Mi-sook as Mo Seul-hee, Jung Jin-young as Hong Beom-jun, and Na Young-hee as Kim Seon-hwa.

Queen of Tears 2024
Queen of Tears 2024

We will update this article whenever possible, and you can enjoy some other soundtracks on different platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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