Chicken Nugget Soundtrack 2024
Chicken Nugget Soundtrack 2024

Chicken Nugget Soundtrack 2024: Here is the new K-drama series releasing in March. Netflix never shies away from making good series for its fans. Meanwhile, some series have ruled Netflix before, including A Killer Paradox.

Now Netflix brings a rollercoaster series of emotions with upcoming gems like Queen of Tears and Chicken Nugget.

Release date: March 15, 2024 (South Korea)

Chicken Nugget 2024
Chicken Nugget 2024 Credit: Cinemablend

The new comedy series Chicken Nugget is directed by Lee Byeong-heon, with writing credits to Park Ji-deok.

The series stars Ryu Seung-yong, Ahn Jae-hong, Kim Yoo-jung and MD Rustam Ansari.

Who Composed the Chicken Nugget Soundtrack?

Kim Tae-Seong: Kim Tae-Seong composed the music for the series. He is a South Korean film and television composer.

However, he is famous for The Crossing (2008), War of the Arrows (2011), The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014), 1987: When the Day Comes (2017), Extreme Job (2019),

Includes Space Sweepers (2021). The Roundup (2022) and the television series Emergency Couple (2014), Squad 38 (2016), Bad Guys 2 (2017), The Guest (2018) and My Liberation Notes (2022).

Who Composed the Chicken Nugget Soundtrack
Who Composed the Chicken Nugget Soundtrack

Chicken Nugget Soundtrack List

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Here we update every article after the release of the movie. Additionally we will update this article until you find out some of the series soundtrack list.

Trailer Song of the Chicken Nugget Soundtrack

  • Audiomachine by Utopia

Official Trailer: You can watch the full trailer here; you are more interested in the Korean Darma series, so your wait is over.

You can find another soundtrack from k-Drama, Netflix

If you are curious to know more about this film and interested in watching it, you can check out the trailer below, where you can get a glimpse of the story.

Chicken Nugget | Official Trailer | Netflix

We will update this article whenever possible, and you can enjoy some other soundtracks on different platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

The Official Synopsis is A woman who steps into an odd machine and becomes – a chicken nugget. Now, it’s up to her father and admirer to embark on a zany quest to bring her back.

Genres: Comedy, Mystery

Other names are Fried Chicken, Chicken Gangjeong, Dak Gang Jeong, Dakgangjeong, Dalgangjeong, and Sweet and Sour Chicken.

You can listen to them on various platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon MusicSpotify, and Soundcloud.

If you are a K-drama lover and you all know that the soundtrack of K-drama is the best hota, we will update this article and check back after the series is released.

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