Project Sekai Song List
Project Sekai Song List

Project Sekai Song List: Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku is a rhythm game developed in collaboration with SEGA, Craft Egg, Colorful Palette, and Krypton Future Media. It was released on September 30, 2020, for iOS and Android devices. The game features a variety of songs from different genres, including pre-existing songs, cover songs, commissioned songs, competition songs, and requested songs.

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!, known in Asia as Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku (Japanese: ブロックセカи カルフルティービーfeat.初音ミク, Hepburn: Purojekuto Sekai Karafuru Suteji! Ficharingu Hatsune Miku), Proseka, is a Japanese mobile rhythm game developed and published by CyberAgents Craft AG’s studio Colorful Plate for Sega Corporation.

The game is a spin-off of Sega’s Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series, and features Crypton Future Media’s virtual singer Hatsune Miku, Megurin Luka, Kagamine Rin and Len, Meiko and Kaito, as well as 20 original human characters who Are divided. In five units, each with a unique theme.

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Project Sekai Song List

Project Sekai Song List (About the game)

Set in the real world where virtual singers exist only as a form of imagination, the characters come to another world called “Sekai”, where various “true emotions” are introduced. The game was released on September 30, 2020, for Android and Apple devices. It was developed with Unity and used the PiaPro Studio NT engine for voice synthesis.

As of July 2021, the game reached 5 million players. Sega released an English-language translated version of the game worldwide on December 7, 2021. A traditional Chinese version for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, published by Aerial Networks, was released on September 30, 2021. A Korean edition was released in South Korea on May 20, 2022, and published by Nuverse.

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Project Sekai Song List

Project Sekai Song List (OST)

Here is a list of all the songs available in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!:

Pre-Existing Songs

  • Tell Your World
  • Blessing
  • Next Nest
  • Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu
  • Melt
  • World is Mine
  • Hand in Hand
  • Gimme×Gimme
  • Junky Night Town Orchestra
  • On the rocks
  • 39 Music!
  • Leia – Remind
  • Rolling Girl
  • Ura Omote Lovers
  • Unknown Mother Goose
  • Aisarenakute mo Kimi ga Iru
  • Greenlights Serenade
  • *Hello, Planet.
  • Senbonzakura
  • Bless Your Breath
  • World’s End Dancehall
  • Hibikase
  • Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪ (Shite Yan Yo)
  • Hatsune Miku no Gekishou
  • Roshin Yuukai
  • Haikei Doppelganger
  • Dareka no Shinzou ni Nareta Nara
  • Migikata no Chou
  • Hatsune Tenchikaibyaku Shinwa

Cover Songs

  • Sekai wa Mada Hajimatte sura Inai
  • Potato ni Natteiku
  • Ready Steady
  • Forward
  • Idol Shineitai
  • Kuyamu to Kaite Mirai
  • Jackpot Sad Girl
  • needLe
  • Stella
  • Sekai
  • Wah Wah World
  • Color of Drops
  • Kagirinaku Haiiro e
  • Hare o Matsu
  • More! Jump! More!
  • Nijiiro Stories
  • Once Upon a Dream
  • Tenshi no Clover
  • ID Smile
  • Cinema
  • Tondemo Wonders
  • From Tokyo
  • 「1」
  • Ice Drop
  • Gunjou Sanka
  • Saisei
  • Ai no Material
  • Kanade Tomosu Sora
  • Beat Eater
  • Showtime Ruler
  • magic number
  • Glory Steady Go!
  • Ryuusei no Pulse
  • Mirai
  • Flyer!
  • Lower
  • Nomad
  • Saribitotachi
  • Worldwide Wander
  • Order Mad
  • Tricologe
  • Peaky Peaky
  • Metamo
  • If
  • Hoshizora no Melody
  • Mach
  • 88☆彡 marasy
  • Salamander
  • Identity
  • Aoiro Enogu
  • Tokugawa Cup Noodle Kinshirei
  • Journey
  • Voices
  • Kimi no Yoru o Kure
  • Gekkou
  • Awake Now
  • Bug
  • Teratera
  • the WALL
  • Kashika
  • Utsuro o Aogu
  • Hoshizora Orchestra
  • ÅMARA (Dai Mirai Dennou)
  • Watashi wa, Watashi-tachi wa
  • Donna Ketsumatsu ga Onozomi Dai?
  • Float Planner
  • Samsa
  • Hurray
  • I nan desu
  • Momoiro
  • Flyway
  • Hakoniwa no Coral
  • Mr. Showtime
  • Be The MUSIC!
  • Engeki Nanou
  • Aioi Yairi
  • Kitty
  • Realize
  • Gekokujou
  • Teammate
  • Hoshi o Tsunagu
  • Kirapipi★Kirapika
  • Un-Lock
  • Bottle Cake
  • Warera Stain Busters!

Upcoming announced songs

  • Cool Me Down
  • On&On
  • Lucky☆Orb
  • NEO
Project Sekai Song List Project Sekai Song List Project Sekai Song List

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