Powder Pup Soundtrack 2024
Powder Pup Soundtrack 2024

Powder Pup Soundtrack 2024: Powder Pup Soundtrack is an upcoming film based on Southern California surfer Shawn and his father’s plan to move to the mountains of Montana until he meets the dog.

The film’s official synopsis is that Shaun a Southern California surfer, his dad’s plan to move to mountains of Montana crushes him until he meets a dog who can snowboard. With the help of his canine friend, he is set to make a run for the annual snowboarding championship.

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance

Release Date: March 26, 2024, in United States

The film is scheduled to be released digitally on March 26, 2024

Who Composed Powder Pup Soundtrack?

Andrew Scott Bell: Adem Ilhan is a famous and talented composer who previously worked in many TV series and movie soundtracks, including Andrew Scott Bell is known for Home Sweet Home (2021), Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023) and Psycho Storm Chaser (2021).

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Who Composed Powder Pup Soundtrack Credit: Voyage LA

The Powder Pup Soundtrack List

Coming Soon………………………………

We will update this article whenever possible. The full soundtrack is expected to be released after the movie’s release.

Official Trailer: Here is the trailer of the film, where you can watch a glimpse of the film and the character of the film.

Powder Pup (2024) Official Trailer - Ashton Arbab, Jay Mohr, Mike Manning, Joey Diaz
Powder Pup Soundtrack

The film’s main cast is Ashton Arbab, Jay Mohr, Joey Diaz, Rib Hillis, Kit Young as Cal, Maiah Wynne, Mike Manning, Morgan Harvill, and Taylor Daniel Allen.

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Some other crew members of the film are Taylor Daniel Allen, Joe Cebula, Marcus Singel, and Maya Stevenson.

The film’s director is a mountaineer; he explores most places, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Central America, and most recently, India. He is famous for making Live Free or Die Hard and Cowboys vs Dinosaurs.

More information about the film is not available yet, and we will update this article when we get more information.

You can check out the entire Powder Pup Soundtrack on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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