Bandidos Soundtrack 2024
Bandidos Soundtrack 2024

Bandidos Soundtrack: Here’s Netflix’s new TV series, directed by Adrian Grunberg and written by Pablo Tabor. Juan Manuel Borbolla produces Alejandro Brugués, Rodrigo Durán, and Mark Holder series.

Official Plotline from the IMDb: International treasure hunters must pull off the ultimate heist.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Release date: March 13, 2024 (United States)

The series sees Miguel and his companion Lily embark on an exciting adventure to recover treasure hidden within the underwater shipwreck of a Spanish galleon lost during the War of Independence off the Atlantic coast of Mexico.

Who Composed Bandidos Soundtrack?

  • Daniel Balboa: He is famous for Soy tu fan (2010), Club de Cuervos (2015), and Bandidos (2024).
  • Aldo Candia: He is known for The Black Demon (2023), Who Killed Sara? (2021) and Rebelde (2022).
  • Octavio Sanchez Monroy: He is known for Preso No. 1 (2019), Bandidos (2024) and El capitán Camacho (2015).
  • Taylor Wayne Woodard: He is famous for Archies (2023), Badland Hunters (2024), and Ballerina (2023).
  • Sofia Cuevas Rimoch: Sofia Cuevas Rimoch is known for Bandidos (2024), A Million Miles Away (2023), and All the Places (2023).
Composer of Bandidos Soundtrack
Composer of Bandidos Soundtrack

Bandidos Soundtrack List

Coming Soon……………

The soundtrack of this film, titled Bandidos, will be updated soon. The film will be released on March 13, 2024, so the soundtrack will be a little later.

Bandidos Soundtrack will be updated soon. It will be available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

The cast members of Bandidos include Ester Expósito as Lilí, Alfonso Dosal as Miguel, Mabel Cadena as Inés, Juan Pablo Medina as Wilson, Andres Baida as Ariel, Nicolás Furtado as Octavio, Sarah Nichols as Nathalie, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Bruno Bichir, and more.

Official Trailer: Here is the trailer of the film, where you can watch a glimpse of the film and the character of the film.

Bandidos | Official Trailer | Netflix
Bandidos Soundtrack 2024

It’s interesting for the most part as it features a central heist taking place underwater, which makes for a unique environment.

Netflix’s unconventional setting promises to be a visually stunning and potentially unprecedented element of the show.

Bandidos Soundtrack 2024

Bandidos will be available to stream on Netflix on March 13, 2024. Viewers will be able to stream it right now. The Mexican actor Dosal is famous for A que no me dejas (2015), The Color of Passion (2014), Para volver a amar (2010), El cártel (2009) and Marina (2006)

You can explore some of the other soundtracks from Netflix.

After releasing the series, you can find the soundtrack will be released on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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