Down Under Delight Paul McCartney Announces Australia Tour
Down Under Delight Paul McCartney Announces Australia Tour

After six years Paul McCartney has announced his first tour of Australia. On 1 August McCartney run to social media to announce his upcoming six-show run in Australia which is taking place from October to November. Paul McCartney also celebrates his first tour after six years of gap.

“Hey, G’day Australia. Paul McCartney here, I’m coming down to see you in October with my ‘Got Back’ tour. Haven’t been back since 2017, very excited to come down and see all you Aussies,” he said in an announcement video on YouTube.

McCartney added: “We’re going to have a great time, it’s going to be really special and we’re going to rock. So come on down, see you then.”

By Wednesday, August 9th Pre-sale tickets go live by Friday following public on-sale, on August 11th by Frontier Touring. You can buy tickets to the Melbourne and Newcastle shows from Ticketmaster.

The announcement of the concert comes just one day after McCartney hinted at an international tour. It is unknown whether McCartney will announce additional global tour dates for the ‘Got Back’ tour.

“Listen I’ve got some good news for you,” the 81-year-old announced in a video via Twitter/X. “We’ll be coming back on the road, getting out with the band and playing places, some which we’ve never played before.”

The two-time Rock And Roll Hall of Famer added, “So we’re really excited. We’re coming back, we Got Back!”

The tour starts on 18 October in Adelaide however, The Liverpool musician had previously performed with the Beatles in 1964.

The track includes various stops which include Melbourne on 21 October, Sydney on 27 October and Brisbane on 1 November.

In June 2022, the Here Comes The Sun singer will headline Glastonbury, with a three-hour set. The concert featured Bruce Springsteen and Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl, as well as a virtual John Lennon, who was assassinated in New York in 1980.

Paul McCartney last toured in 2017 Australia, he is also known as Macca by his fans.

However, Prior to his 2017 visit, the artist had already visited Australia in 1993.

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