Bravo Drama Drake Surprised by Third Bra Toss Onstage During 'It's All A Blur Tour
Bravo Drama Drake Surprised by Third Bra Toss Onstage During 'It's All A Blur Tour

Drake Surprised by Third Bra Toss Onstage During ‘It’s All A Blur Tour: Earlier this month Drake has been collecting bras from fans, Since kicking off his tour with 21 Savage, and the garment sizes that get tossed on stage seem to be increasing.

On Saturday (July 29) During a gig in Washington, D.C., an audience member tossed Drizzy a bra, which left him speechless. When he checked the size, he was hilariously perplexed by the measuring procedure for women’s undergarments.

“36L?!” the Toronto rapper reacted in shock after picking up the pink clothing item. “How many letters does it go up to?”

After stepping over to another part that was sized 42H, he said: “This is crazy. This can’t be real. Whose is this? Where did this come from? State your name immediately. Nah, this is custom work right here.”

“Damn, 36G?” he said upon seeing the size. “Locate this woman immediately!” Drake continued.

“So, I went to Drake’s concert with no intention of really throwing my bra,” Veronica Correia said in a video while also showing a clip of her throwing it.

“I had mentioned it but I was like you know what, no like, this is what I’m going to wear for the night. I’m going to keep it on. And then, I was having a little fun and he came past me and walked to the DJ booth where he was really singing right in from me. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do it,’ because he passed right by me.”

She continued: “I just knew he was going to pick it up if I threw it right at his feet. There was no way he was going to walk by it. So, I ended up taking the one-off that I was wearing that night. That is my actual bra size. And I threw it at his feet and I lost my mind when he picked it up and reacted the way he did. It was definitely full circle.”

Because of Drake’s notice, the 21-year-old has since landed a job with one of the world’s most recognizable magazine publications. Meanwhile, she was approached to model for Playboy shortly after publicly claiming the bra.

She continued: “Playboy had actuality reached out to me on my Instagram DMs and said, you know, if you want to apply we’ll accept you right away,” she stated. “I applied and they did accept me and they want to speak with me soon.”

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