Paris Hilton Defends Her Son Against Online Criticism 'Heartbroken' Over Cruel Comments
Paris Hilton Defends Her Son Against Online Criticism 'Heartbroken' Over Cruel Comments

Paris Hilton hits back at trolls who trolled her 10-month-old son for his essence. She welcomed her first child, Phoneix, with her husband Carter in January this year through surrogacy. After some days, the couple announces the arrival of their baby girl, London, who was also born through surrogacy.

In the time of celebration, the ten-month-old little Phoneix faces trolls, yes, trolls, because of the appearance of his head. It is fierce. Look at the glimpse of her children on her Instagram account.

Defending her little Phoneix, his mum, Paris Hilton, in an interview with People, said, “Usually, I wouldn’t even dignify anything like that with a response, but I was just heartbroken that there are such cruel people in the world.”

The mother continues, “I couldn’t believe that they could be mean and vicious about a little innocent baby,” Paris continued. “You can say what you want about me, but this is my little angel. And if anyone ever says anything to hurt him or his feelings, I will always be there to protect him.”

Paris also felt that it was really disgusting to target a little kid. She said, “They’re that miserable in their lives that they would go and speak about a child in such a way.”

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Paris also confronts that, except for these foolish trolls, her children seek so many good wishes from their loved ones and the audience and fans who loved them.

The mother of two, Paris Hilton, said, “It makes me feel so grateful knowing that so many people in the world love and support me. Sticking up for me meant the world to me, and having people looking out for Phoenix that way meant a lot.”

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