Murder Is Easy Soundtrack (2023)
Murder Is Easy Soundtrack (2023)

Directed by Meenu Gaur and written by Siân Ejiwunmi-Le Berre, Murder is Easy is a mystery thriller television series. It is based on the classic novel by Agatha Christie.

The film presents Luke Fitzwilliam, a retired policeman when he meets Miss Pinkerton on a train to London. He talks with her, after which he finds that the deaths series of incidents in the village of Winchwood-under-Ashe are not accidental.

Who composed the Murder Is Easy Soundtrack?

Segun Akinola composed the music for Murder Is Easy. He is the composer of films and television series and the composer of the music for Doctor Who from “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” in 2018 to “The Power of the Doctor” in 2022.

He has also composed the music for Outsiders (2022), Wings (2014), A Moving Image (2016), Girl You Know It’s True (2023), and others.

Murder Is Easy Soundtrack List

All songs are composed by Segun Akinola and are part of the album Murder Is Easy (Original Television Soundtrack), which was released on December 29, 2023.

Here is a complete list of Murder Is Easy Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, and other platforms.

  • Murder Is Easy Opening Titles
  • The Forest
  • The Journey to England
  • I Have to Report Murder
  • Arriving at Waterloo
  • Never Say Die
  • Make Them Proud
  • The Train to Wychwood
  • I Didn’t See Him Fall
  • A Secret Mission
  • Heading to Ashe Manor
  • Popular Beliefs in Violent Death
  • Can Fitzwilliam Save Amy?
  • The Mill
  • There’s Something I’d Like to Show You
  • The Connection
  • I Could Do a Doctor Thomas
  • We Were There
  • Why Do You Care?
  • He Who Casts the First Stone
  • Scientific Interests
  • Nothing Suspicious
  • Lost in the Forest
  • The Ill-Advised Party
  • Locking Eyes
  • Unforgivable
  • The Surgery Confession
  • A Man Or a Person?
  • Call the Police
  • A Friendly Warning
  • I Know What to Do
  • A Religious Matter
  • The Canary
  • The Clean Up
  • All My Life I Was Nothing
  • A Respectable Person Disrespected
  • Dangerously Romantic Tosh
  • The Journey Home
  • Murder Is Easy End Credits
Murder Is Easy End Credits
Murder Is Easy Soundtrack (2023)

The film was premiered on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on 27 December 2023. Music lovers can listen to Murder Is Easy Soundtrack on various platforms, like Spotify and Amazon Music. (External Link:- Film Music Reporter)

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