Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack
Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack

The new French comedy-drama directed by Carine Blanc and Michel Tavares was released on November 2, 2023.

The story revolves around the apartment collapse of Paul Barral, the mayor of a small rural community in the Alps. He is against desertification and overcrowding of the majority population and against the closure of hostels and communities.

The arrival of single isolation in the tough Reynolds, on the edge of how to attract new territory, could be the key to bringing life back to this village through the practice of change and movement.

Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack

According to IMDb: “Paul Barral, mayor of a small mountain town at the foot of Mont-Blanc, is fighting to maintain business and protect the school from an announced closure. Not without determination, the Mayor may have found the solution”.

Composer of the Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack

  • Geoffroy Berlioz
  • Jerome Rebotier

Jérôme Rebottier is a composer of film music and musicals.

Original Soundtrack List of Monsieur le Maire

  • Monsieur Le Maire
  • Wake Up Jérôme Rebotier, Geoffroy Berlioz & Debra Reynolds feat. Emilie Gassin) (2:49)
  • Joséphine (0:43)
  • La Scierie (0:44)
  • Keep Going (Jérôme Rebotier, Geoffroy Berlioz & Debra Reynolds feat. Octave Lissner) (3:22)
  • A propos du fils (1:13)
  • La naissance (2:41)
  • La chambre du fils (1:37)
  • Le foyer (2:39)
  • Réconciliation (1:59)
  • Solidaires (4:19)
  • Le maire à Paris (2:04)
  • Monsieur le maire : Final (3:20)

The additional songs will be available to play on Spotify and the original soundtrack is available on Amazon Music and Apple Music. Here is the list of songs in the Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack, along with the singers.

Official Trailer:

Monsieur Le Maire - Bande-annonce officielle - UGC Distribution
Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack

Monsieur le Maire Soundtrack: The soundtrack is available on Spotify, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score. You can also watch the official trailer of the film on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the story and characters. The film was released on November 2, 2023.

(Source: Soundtrack.Net)

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