Maren Morris Opens Up About Recording with Teddy Swims Despite Illness
Maren Morris Opens Up About Recording with Teddy Swims Despite Illness

Maren Morris was unwell that day when she recorded her Teddy Swims duet. The thirty-three-year-old country-pop star and thirty-one-year-old soul singer together record a version of the latter’s tune ‘Some Things, I’ll Never Know’ from his debut solo LP ‘I’ve Tried Everything but Therapy (Part 1).’

She said to People: “I was a little bummed that it was the only day I could do the vocal and I was sick.” She continued: “It was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget, just because I didn’t think about hitting certain notes perfectly. I wasn’t overthinking or over-analyzing.”

“I was just so in the emotions of Teddy’s vocal, and just found my footing throughout the second verse, and just feeling like you see God or something when you get to harmonize with a vocal like Teddy’s.”

Maren Morris has a relationship with this song; She added, “It just resonates—the meaning of the lyric resonates with me so much right now. It’s just such a beautiful song with or without me on it, but I’m obviously so honored to be a small part of this one.”

Teddy said he and Maren Morris became “besties” after connecting in the studio.

He said, “I’ve just always loved Maren, and we reached out like, ‘Please do this.’ Thank God it happened. Collaborations are so different nowadays, like you can collaborate with somebody without actually meeting them in person. And we met each other for the video, so now we’re besties!”

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