Dubai Bling Soundtrack
Dubai Bling Soundtrack

Dubai Bling Soundtrack: There is an upcoming new series on Dubai Bling. Dubai Bling offers interactive information about the lives of its artists, similar to the Japanese series Bling Empire.

Dubai Bling is a new universal influence on Tariqon as a creative square in the United Arab Emirates. This star from another world is one of the most attractive stars of reality TV.

Genre: Reality-TV

Release date: October 27, 2022 (United States)

Official Synopsis: Step off the private jet and into a high-flying social circle in Dubai, where lavish parties, stunning skylines, and jaw-dropping fashion are the norm.

Who Composed the Dubai Bling Soundtrack

Damian Martin: Damian Martin is one of the most famous actors and is known for Money Heist (2017), Boy Meets Gun (2019) and The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020).

Season 1 Dubai Bling Soundtrack List

The series has two seasons, and both have the best soundtracks, so here we have created two lists you can check out.

Episode 1

  • Measure for Measure (Full)- Matthew S Orr: This song was released in 2022 by artists Justice Chanel Simpson and Stephen Cornish and is part of the album Boss Energy.
  • I Want It All- Stephen William Cornish & Justis Chanell Simpson: This song was released in 2022 by artists Justice Chanel Simpson and Stephen Cornish and is part of the album Boss Energy.
  • Taking Over the Streets – Chøppersaurus: Taking Over the Streets is a song by Chøppersaurus, part of the album Soul Empowerment, released in 2018.
  • Style Jamaiki – ARXP Cartel, Eslam Jawaad, Seidosimba, Didine Canon 16, Stylo G & Shahyn: This song was released in 2022 and is part of the album Styla Jamaica by artist ARXP Cartel, Eslam Jawad, Didine Canon 16, Stylo G, Shaheen, Sedosimba.
  • Shino Alkalam Hatha – Flipperachi & Daffy: Shino Alkalam Hatha is a song by Flipperachi & Daffy, part of the album Murarat, released in 2016.
  • Ready – Timothy Infinite: This song was released in 2019 and is part of the album Cielo, released by artist Timothy Infinite.
  • Passport – Josh Mobley, Reina Williams
  • Portal – Empire Of Excellence
  • Hex on Me – Ziggy Sullivan
  • Secrets – Amanda Lundstedt & Andrew Gbormittah & Christopher Andrea Fitzroy Lewis & Jake Warren

Episode 2

  • Money is any commodity or verifiable record generally accepted in a particular country or socio-economic context as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts such as taxes. The primary functions that distinguish money are a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value, and sometimes, a standard of deferred payment.
  • Did It My Way – Zest Music: Did It My Way is a song by Zest Music, part of the album Stomp Stamp Strut Stride, released in 2021.
  • Work (Step It Up) – Amy McKnight: Work is a song by Amy McKnight, part of the album POSE, released in 2020.
  • Rise Let’s Go by Amy McKnight: Rise Let’s Go is a song by Amy McKnight, part of the album POSE, released in 2020.
  • Supernatural – Hallie: Supernatural is a song by Hallie, part of the album Hallie: Born For This, released in  2021.
  • Up in Smoke – Sam Shrieve
  • Are You Ready for This?- Robert W. Lamond & Amy J. Swift
  • Crown – Bernard Perry II, Philip Jacobs & John Pregler
  • We Are the Homegrown Heroes (Alternative Rock Remix)

Episode 3

  • Ya Habibi – Mohamed Ramadan & Gims: Ya Habibi is a song by Mohamed Ramadan & Gims, part of the album Ya Habibi, released in 2020.
  • It’s Gotta Be War – Nineoneone: It’s Gotta Be War is a song by Nineoneone, part of the album Electro Blues 3, released in  2022.
  • 東風 – George Chen
  • Going in Circles – Sam Shrieve: Going in Circles is a song by Sam Shrieve, part of the album Superpop (Simply Complicated), released in 2018.
  • One Night in Dubai – Arash feat. Helena
  • Only Love – Jason Tarver & Thomas Michael Greenwood: Only Love is a song by Jason Tarver & Thomas Michael Greenwood, part of the album Songs About: Love, released in  2019.
  • A Little More (Piano) – Looceedee: A Little More (Piano) is a song by Looceedee, part of the album The Best of Flava 2020, released in  2020.
  • Ali Loka – Matzo2sh (feat. E Evil)
  • Bad Blood – Feels Like

Episode 4

  • Go Crazy – Sounds of Red Bull: Go Crazy – Sounds of Red Bull is a song by Sounds of Red Bull released in 2022 by the album Swagger Stomp I.
  • Money – Hannibal Leq: Money is a song by Hannibal Leq is released in 2014 by the album Pigeon Food.
  • I Wanna Be Your Waterfall – Tristan Ivemy, Gem Jones & Jack Monroe: I Wanna Be Your Waterfall is a song by Tristan Ivemy, Gem Jones & Jack Monroe is released in 2021 by the album Pop Rock Swagger.
  • Get the Party Started – Prong Praison & Robert W. Lamond: Get the Party Started is a song by Prong Praison & Robert W. Lamond is released in  2022 by the albumPop Hype.
  • It’s Like Magic – LiTTiE & Haze: It’s Like Magic is a song by LiTTiE & Haze is released in  2022 by the Lights Camera Action.
  • It’s Like Magic – LiTTiE & Haze
  • Yallah Rouh – Samira Said
  • Say My Name – Sounds Of Red Bull
  • Eminado (Danya) [feat. The Great Eddy] – DJ Bliss
  • Mile High – James P. Wilson
  • Boss Lady – FELT
  • Shake It Up – Sounds of Red Bull
  • Believe in Me – Jason Tarver & Hugo Russo
  • Diamond (feat. Raxstar) – Lee Richardson, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Jonathan Murrill
  • Men El A5er – Alyoungofficial, Randar & Darin Al Bayed

Episode 5

  • Shake It Up – Sounds of Red Bull: Shake It Up is a song by Sounds of Red Bull is released in 2022 by the album Swagger Stomp I.
  • El Haraka de – Ahmed Helmy
  • One Life – Krysta Youngs
  • What a Guy or Girl Wants (Girl) – Steve Martin & Henrik Wikström
  • Love Is the Answer – MOA
  • Queen – KVPV
  • Good on Me – NUMBR CRNCHR
  • We Are the Warriors – Martin Bak & Jacob Diab

Episode 6

  • ولا فارقه معايا الناس مين سالك مين بصاص (ريمكس) – Zikwa
  • Hands Dirty – Amy McKnight & Andrew DeLong
  • Robo Breaker – Sounds of Red Bull
  • Won’t Slow Down – Sounds of Red Bull
  • I’m a Boss – Prong Praison
  • I Need A Karak – Dj Bliss
  • Up in Flames – Red Means Run
  • Champion – Alan Gold
  • Billionaire – Mosh Party
  • Hala Walla (feat. Daffy & Flipperachi) – DJ Bliss & Shaggy
  • You Can Run – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza

Episode 7

  • اوس فاضل – Moe – فلوس – كامل مفيد (فيديو كليب) Aws Fadhil – Floos – علي الموسوي
  • Going the Distance – Red Means Run
  • La Party – Pi√±a Azul
  • Case Closed – Jerry Torres
  • Drama Queen – Branko Galoic
  • Money Dance – BodaciousThang & Robert W. Lamond
  • Msh Ha7el (feat. Lil Baba) – Abo El Anwar
  • Diskovery – Nik Ammar
  • Boss Lady – Mosh Party
  • Eye of the Storm – Tim Fleet & Lana McDonagh

Episode 8

  • I Love It Yeah – The Kinnardlys
  • بطل عالم – Marwan Moussa\
  • It’s a Woman’s World – Feels Like
  • The Rest of My Days
  • Wein Rayheen (feat. Noel Kharman) – Aziz Maraka
  • World In Your Hands – Brewster Nolan & Catch Harrington
  • We Had a Good Time – TMS Songs
  • I Will Rise – Cavendish Music
  • Invertigo (Live Album) – Shkoon
  • Stronger Together – Timothy Fleet
  • Smoke There’s Fire – Red Means Run
  • Mariachi Magpie – VideoHelper
  • Eiwiha – Joseph Attieh
  • Alabina – Alabina
  • Getting Better – Smudge Mason

Trailer Song

  • Zamba – Sharmoofers & Sary Hany

Season 2 Dubai Bling Soundtrack List

Dubai Bling Soundtrack: We will update this article on the tab when the complete track. In the meantime, you can find a combined soundtrack for the first Season.

Dubai Bling Soundtrack also includes: These are the original songs of Dubai Bling. Therefore, there needs to be more information about these songs.

You can check out this soundtrack of Dubai Bling Soundtrack on various platforms, including Amazon Music and Spotify.

Dubai Bling: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Dubai Bling Soundtrack

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