Love Is Blind Sweden Soundtrack 2024
Love Is Blind Sweden Soundtrack 2024

Love Is Blind Sweden Soundtrack: According to some reports, TV presenter Jessica Almenas is the website of the Swedish version of the dating series Love is Blind. The series seeks a social purpose where singles seek love and get engaged before meeting in person.

Caroline Claesson, Andreas Johnsen, Mattias Olsson, and Matilda Snöwall are the Executive producers of the series. Love is Blind: Sweden will be released globally on Netflix on January 12, 2024.

Love Is Blind Sweden Soundtrack

Genres: Game, Reality, TV Romance

Release date: January 12, 2024 (United States)

Official Synopsis: The unique dating experiment lands in Sweden as local singles seek true love and propose marriage, all before seeing each other in person.

Who Composed the Love Is Blind: Sweden Soundtrack?

Arsi Nami: Arsi Nami composed new songs and directed the poster and art for Love Is Blind. His other outstanding and comedic international role was as Cadiz in Just Cause 4 Tattoo for Square Enix, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Love Is Blind Sweden Soundtrack 2024 List

While we don’t have specific songs for each episode just yet, there’s no doubt that Love Is Blind: Sweden will introduce more memorable tracks as the series progresses.

Episode 1

  • True Love by Blactro and Kingsley Q
  • Too High by SaraoMusic
  • I Wanna Br by Adam Steele
  • Dance By Extreme Music
  • Speed Of Light by Raphael Lake
  • Make It On My Own by Izzy Warner and Stevie Gold
  • Breed by BB-St. Clair
  • Live My Life in Colour by Katie Hargrove and Stevie Gold
  • Forgotten Dreams (Slow) by Orchestra Addy Flor
  • Deep in the Water by Stevie Gold
  • Fireproof by Izzy Warner and Stevie Gold
  • Confess by Universal Production Music
  • Faithful by Amanda Wilson and Stephen Cornish:
  • Sweet Like Honey by Lee Richardson
  • Juice by Jean Luc Lanasse
  • Rise Up Let’s Go by Amy Caddies McKnight
  • Paradise by Henry Parsley and Sid Narbom
  • Destroy Me By Nine One One
  • Fly Away by Troy Youngblood
  • Light The Match by Zest Music
  • Million Moments by Jennifer June
  • I’m The Rebel by Dabow
  • Rising Up by Amy Caddies McKnight and Jaco Prince:
  • Come to an End by Nik Ammar:
  • Under Your Spell by L.M. Munoz and Ryan T. Short
  • Scared of the Dark by Beth McCarthy, MatthewThackeray
  • Love Me The Right Way by Izzy Warner and Stevie Gold
  • Living For the Brighter Days by Katie Hargrove and Robert Lamond
  • Sugar Sweet Venom By Richard Macklin
  • Empty Promises by Katie Hargrove and Stevie Gold:
  • Frozen Emotion
  • We Could Cry by Nine One
  • Love Sop Dangerous by Lee Richardson
  • Just Stick Around by Benson Taylor
  • Caught in my Web by Sarah Eisenfisz
  • Surrender by Victoria Beaumont
  • Blindsided by Matt Norman

Episode 2

  • Megaloschemos Ii
  • Feeling You by Ashley Warren and Bjorn Nilsson
  • Into The Unknown by Hypersonic Music, IOLITE, and Lincoln Davis
  • Feel Like You by Cody William Falkosky:
  • Want It All by Boris
  • Wanna Know by Voix
  • Blindsided by Matt Norman
  • I’m Falling For You By Halry Shaw and Katie Hargrove
  • Only Love by Jason Tarver and Thoms Michael Greenwood
  • The One That Got Away Whitfield and Rachel Wallman
  • To Be Human

Episode 3

  • A New Story by Paul Reeves
  • Beauty Of Life by CRZYSND and Hypersonic Music
  • Driven B Guilt by Frederic Sans
  • Ghost In The Room by Joseph Robert Tayor
  • On Fire by Henny Parsley
  • Autumn Leaves by Jesper Nordenstrom
  • Live With Me by Louise Dowd
  • A Song For The Stars by Universal Production Music
  • Make a Wish Boy
  • Love After Breakup by Lion
  • Time For Celebration by Univeral Production Music
  • To Be Human By Daisy Cavet
  • Always Love by Halla
  • Side By Side by Dang Halla
  • Dangerous Minds by Thalo
  • Romantic Strings by Dominique Guilot
  • Fly with Me by Alyssa Bonagura
  • A Song For The Stars by Universal Production Music

Check out the combined soundtrack for TV Soundtrack.

The soundtrack will be available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

Official Trailer: You can watch the trailer of this movie here. You can get a glimpse of the stories and cast; after that, you can summarize the idea, and we will update you soon whenever the Love Is Blind Sweden Soundtrack is released.

Love is Blind: Sweden | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind: Sweden is also known as Love is Blind: Sverige. After its release, you can watch Love is Blind: Sweden on Netflix’s official Site.

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