Last Call for Istanbul Soundtrack
Last Call for Istanbul Soundtrack

Last Call for Istanbul is a new upcoming Turkish romantic drama film written by Nur Erven Sit (The God) and directed by Gönke Uyannik (De Bosser). The film is produced by Onur Guventum and OGM Pictures.

A report states that Last Call for Istanbul is being released on November 24, 2023.

Last Call for Istanbul Soundtrack

The cast of the flim are Zihan Zhao, Annie McCain, Michael Loayza, Ty Fisher, Sindia Duverge, Joy Donze, Susan Slatin, Dias Tussupbekov, Angela Chew, Rebecca Parker, Johnny Gaffney.

According to IMDb: New York, love and second chances… Serin, whose luggage was taken by another passenger, crosses paths with Mehmet at New York’s JFK International Airport. The two strangers in search of missing luggage embark on an exploration of love, marriage, and loyalty in New York.

Who Composed Last Call for Istanbul Soundtrack

Sertaç Özgümüs: Sertak Ozgumus was a musician in 1981 and became familiar with music at an early age as his family was interested in music.

Last Call for Istanbul OST

  • Miss My Life: Miss My Life was released in the year 2013 from the album Sunday Morning Record
  • Somewhere Insider
  • Queen Nandi
  • Moody
  • MacGuffin
  • Evan Croft
  • Marnina Ogalla
  • Marca Jodra
  • Tribe
  • K.I.T.A
  • Miita
  • You get to love
  • I want to back
  • .Fen
  • I wanna Dance with somebody
  • The Edge
  • Dancing in the crowd
  • Hader
  • More Good Days
  • Happy Hustle
  • Hold your Down
  • Birthday Boogie
  • Life is Good
  • Satisfied
  • Left You
  • Room of your love
  • Walk A solo
  • Different
  • Do You Still Love Me
  • Why
  • Lie

Here you can listen complete list of song:

Last Call for Istanbul Soundtrack Netflix 2023

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Official Trailer

Last Call for Istanbul | Official Trailer | Netflix
Last Call for Istanbul Soundtrack

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