Kanye West Settles Lawsuit with Former Yeezy Employee Over Labor Law Violations
Kanye West Settles Lawsuit with Former Yeezy Employee Over Labor Law Violations

Kanye West resolves a lawsuit with his previous employee over Labour Law Violations. As per reports and legal documents after a long time, he settled the matter with his ex-employee Taliah Leslie.

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What was the matter?

In 2021, Taliah Leslie accused Kanye West and the executives of her fashion brand of violating California labor laws related to employee classification and benefits.

She accused in the court, that the employees are treated as contractors and cheated out of wages and benefits.

She also claims that West did not pay the official’s bills for mandatory trips to locations like Cody, Wyoming, and Paris, France, and didn’t reimburse her for expenses related to her duties, such as cell phone and internet usage during travel.

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Kanye West Acquisition

West accused a former employee who had dangerously posted him on a delivery and was stalking him. The video also shows West’s former trainer, Harley Pasternak, in the lobby of the hotel where West and his children were staying, raising concerns about their homes.

In 2022, West leaked his chats with Pasternak, he claims that he was threatened with re-institutionalization after anti-Semitic statements. Also in 2016, he was mentally tortured and was hospitalized for about nine days.

What was the settlement?

As per the documents, the settlement between the two parties is done by the court, but it seems to see how these other issues will be resolved or whether they will continue to affect West in the future.

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