Kelly Clarkson's Kids Join Her Onstage for Touching Vegas Residency Performance
Kelly Clarkson's Kids Join Her Onstage for Touching Vegas Residency Performance

Kelly Clarkson‘s children joined her on stage during Kelly Clarkson‘s Las Vegas residency this weekend.

On Friday, the 41-year-old took the stage during The Chemistry residency and was joined by her children, River Rose, 9, and Remington, 7.

Before the performance, Kelly Clarkson shared an adorable photo on Instagram of her children smiling while hugging.

“Both of my kiddos backstage getting ready to join me on stage in Vegas ❤️ nothing will ever be as cool and amazing as these two little humans that will always have my whole heart,” she wrote.

During the show, Kelly Clarkson explained to the audience in a fan-recorded TikTok video, “My son is 7 years old. He picked the coolest song for a dude to pick. I was like, ‘He was destined for greatness just for loving this song alone.'”

She then welcomed “Remy B” on stage with her, shouting, “Come on, dude!” prompting the 7-year-old to run outside and give his mother a big hug.

Earlier this month, The Voice host changed the lyrics of her song “Piece by Piece” to reflect her divorce.

Clarkson said before singing the national anthem, “This song that I wrote, in the beginning, was very hopeful, okay? And sometimes hope turns into despair, so we go on, ‘Piece by Piece’.”

The original songs praised Blackstock for his role as a father and a companion after Kelly Clarkson’s childhood was filled with disappointments.

In the original song, she sings, “But piece by piece, he collected me up / Off the ground, where you abandoned things, yeah / Piece by piece, he filled the holes that you burned in me / At six years old.”

Meanwhile, Clarkson changed many of the lyrics from “he” to “I”.

And instead of singing, “He never walks away / He never asks for money / He takes care of me / He loves me,” Kelly Clarkson now sings, “I just walk away / when they ask for money / I take care of me / ’cause I love me.”

She appears to have referred to Blackstock by singing, “I will never leave them like you left me / They never have to wonder their worth because unlike you, I’m gonna put them first / I never walk away. I never break their hearts / I take care of things when you leave scars / Piece by pieces I restored my faith that a heart can still beat even when it breaks.”

Remy then busts a big ploy, encouraged by his mom dancing with him.

However, To introduce her next song, Clarkson asked her son, “Which song did you choose?” He lovingly replied, “Whole Lotta Woman.”

The two proceeded to have fun together while the pop diva sang her 2017 hit.

Before leaving, Clarkson told her daughter, “You look beautiful. You have done amazing. I love you. I’ll see you in a while.”

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