Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack 2024
Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack 2024

Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack: Here’s the new upcoming movie Fatal Dispatch, directed by Jezzer Riches, written by the same person, and produced by Roe Dayzon and DeJuan Ford.

Here is the official Synopsis of the film: When a young cop is partnered with the veteran who killed his cousin, their latest call entangles them with an innocent couple, leading to chaos, secrets revealed, and blurred lines between cop and criminal.

Allegiances shift as their pasts collide, threatening any chance for justice. Lives hang in the balance in this gritty thriller where vengeance and betrayal know no bounds, and the emerging truth might be the most dangerous thing. (IMDb)

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 2024

Who Composed Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack?

Rich Hustle: Rich Hustle composed a song for the Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack. He is famously Fatal Dispatch and Child Support (2019).

Who Composed Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack
Who Composed Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack

Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack List

  • Qutrun by Lynnea and WEARETHGOOD: This song is part of the track Scores & Melodies Vol. 1, released by the artist WEARETHEGOOD, Lynnea, in 2023.
Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack 2024

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Official Trailer:

If you are curious about and interested in watching this film, check out the trailer below to glimpse the story.

Fatal Dispatch - Feature Film Trailer (2024)
Fatal Dispatch Soundtrack 2024

The film’s main cast includes Ciera Angelia, King Wesley, DeJuan Ford, Emory Lawrence, Ken Alter, Gary Brunner, Connie Kincer, Catherine Martinez, Ali Amine, Dylan Sides, Dylan Sides, and Ciara Michele.

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