Blossoms to Headline Their Largest Show Yet at Wythenshawe Park in Summer 2024 (1)
Blossoms to Headline Their Largest Show Yet at Wythenshawe Park in Summer 2024 (1)

Blossom Band will do the biggest show of its career at Wythenshawe Park in the Summer of 2024. The band recently released its new album  ‘To Do List (After The Breakup)‘.

The Blossoms band consists of five truly talented members Tom Ogden (lead vocals, guitar), Charlie Salt (bass, backing vocals), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar, percussion), Joe Donovan (drums), and Myles Kellock (keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals).

In a statement, Tom Ogden talked about the show in Wythenshawe Park. Here’s the statement.

Blossoms’s Show In Wythenshawe Park

In his statement, he said, “Headlining our biggest show yet at Wythenshawe Park is going to be THE moment of our career so far for us.”

Blossoms band member Tom continues, “It makes me think of me and Joe going to watch Oasis and The Stone Roses at Heaton Park back when we were teenagers, and how important these big summer Manchester shows are to people.

He further said, “It made us want to be in a band, affected what we wore, and changed our lives forever. To misquote Dorothy, ‘Lads, I have a feeling we’re not on Oldham Street anymore!”

Tom also talked about his recent album To Do List (After The Breakup), Tom said, “We initially kicked the song around as a band in a way that we did when we first started – all in the round together at our rehearsal room.”

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The singer continues, “It’s something we’ve not really been able to do for a long time but it felt so natural and euphoric for the five of us!”

Tom said, “Some of the song’s DNA lies within the local Manchester bands we grew up listening to from our parents’ record collections, bands like New Order and James.”

It was inspired by a poem of the same name by Rupi Kaur, which “captured the feeling of heartbreak so accurately”.

He further said, “We thought it was a great concept for a song and reached out to Rupi about using some of her words and she kindly gave us permission to use them.”

Note: The tickets for the show of Blossoms’ band are out on November 10, go, get a watch, and enjoy.

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