Birth/Rebirth Soundtrack (2023)
Birth/Rebirth Soundtrack (2023)

Directed by Laura Moss and written by Brendan J. O’Brien & Laura Moss, Birth/Rebirth is a 2023 American horror-drama film.

The film depicts a cadaveric technician who revives a girl’s body, but the girl continues to have trouble breathing, and she is required to collect biological materials from pregnant women.

When the girl’s mother, Celie Morales, who is a maternity nurse, finds out that her daughter is alive, they enter into a pact that pushes them both down a dark path of no return.

Who composed the Birth/Rebirth Soundtrack?

Ariel Marx composed the music for Birth/Rebirth. He is a great composer known for his scores, such as is known for A Small Light (2023), Sanctuary (2022), and Candy (2022).

Birth/Rebirth Soundtrack List

All the songs are from the album Birth/Rebirth by Ariel Marx. The album was released on 01 December 2023.

Here is a complete list of Birth/Rebirth Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, and other platforms.

  • Rose (1:51)
  • Suspicion (1:32)
  • Spinal Tap (1:45)
  • Reanimation (1:15)
  • Bone Marrow (1:48)
  • Celie (1:19)
  • Lila Is Sick (2:14)
  • Unable to Conceive (1:27)
  • Grief (2:47)
  • Pathology (0:50)
  • Starfish (1:16)
  • What About Me? (2:20)
  • No Return (1:03)
No Return
Birth/Rebirth Soundtrack (2023)

Additional Music of Birth/Rebirth

Here’s the tracklist of additional music:

  • Neon Duet (Live) is a song by Laurie Anderson. The song is part of the album United States Live, which was released on 29 July 1984.
  • Second Face is a song by Saada Bonaire. The song is part of the album Saâda Bonaire, and it was released on 12 November 2013.
  • Mother is a song by Kaery Ann. The song is part of the album Songs of Grace and Ruin, which was released on 27 January 2023.
  • Heart Of Gold is a song by Sunda Kelepa. The song is part of the album Skies to The Ground. The album was released on 11 November 2022.
  • Tar is a song by Lucrecia Dalt. The song is part of the album Anticlines, which was released in 2018.
  • Rescue Birds Theme by Greg Moss
  • Open Shut Them by Cast
  • Easily Done by Phil May
  • Noise Of Joy by MU

The film was released in the United States on September 5, 2023. Music lovers can enjoy Birth/Rebirth Soundtracks on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. (External Link:- Soundtracki)

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