BIOHAZARD's Billy Graziadei Discusses Songwriting Process and the Band's Unique Creative Collaboration
BIOHAZARD's Billy Graziadei Discusses Songwriting Process and the Band's Unique Creative Collaboration

Recently, in an interview with, BIOHAZARD, Founding member of the hardcore and metal band Billy Graziadei, talked about the upcoming songwriting sessions for the band’s next studio album.

“Like always, we have this thing called the BIOHAZARD meat grinder. We all write, have our ideas, and put them through this — however they come in — they go through this meat grinder process.

My solo stuff is a little bit more punk and melodic than BIOHAZARD, but it still has the roots of what BIOHAZARD is for me, my side of it. But I think any individual song that we write doesn’t become a BIOHAZARD song until we all piss in the fucking bucket. It’s got to have our blood, sweat, tears, piss, and fucking DNA in it.

“As far as what our new music is gonna sound like, I have no idea,” he continued. “I don’t know, once the band comes together and we start jamming on all the stuff that we have, how it’s going to evolve Billy Graziadei added.

But I know where my head is at, and I know what I wanna do, but I can’t speak for the other three guys. I’m hoping we do a real old-school, real-deal BIOHAZARD record.

Billy Graziadei explained, “There are so many great new bands out there who have taken elements of things that we and a lot of other bands from back then kind of did; there’s a lot of bands now who have taken a lot of those elements and do it really, really well — way better than we could ever do it.”

“So I don’t wanna try to compete or outdo all these new bands because they do a different kind of heavy. I think a lot of it’s created in the studio with technology. Some of them sound great live, but I don’t want to compete with those kind of bands, because they’re so fucking heavy and over the top.

Danny added, “I know what we can do, and I know what we can pull off live at a show for real. And I think we’re gonna make a fucking awesome record that’s gonna be great,”. “But until that happens, I don’t fucking know. Anything could happen. Definitely, the vibe in the band is definitely like it was in the beginning. That’s for sure.”

As reported last August, Biohazard confirmed it is working on new music.

Bobby told Le Coin Metal in an interview, “The inspiration’s coming from these shows,” “Being back together, celebrating and doing all these shows, it’s great.

We’re having a good time, but now we’re getting the vibe from the crowd, and we’re feeling it, and it’s getting in our bones. We’re getting that hunger, and the ideas are starting to emerge from these shows.”

Added Billy Graziadei: “For me, it’s cool because the other reason I did [my solo project] BILLYBIO is because there was no BIOHAZARD, and the songs that I would’ve been showing these guys just [ended up] BILLYBIO songs. So being back with these guys is, like… It’s cool to have another outlet for my music.”

Billy Graziadei revealed in the interview that there had been “talks” about bringing back Biohazard in 2022.

It is one of the earliest outfits to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip-hop.

Currently, Billy Graziadei is a member of POWERFLO and also features Christian Old Wolbers (Fear Factory), Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), and Rogelio Lozano (Downset).

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