Christmas by Design Soundtrack (2023)
Christmas by Design Soundtrack (2023)

Yosi the Regretful Spy Season 2 is a thriller streaming television series created by Daniel Burman and directed by Daniel Burman and Sebastian Borensztein, The second season was released on 27 October 2023.

About the Yosi, the Regretful Spy Season 2

An undercover Argentinean intelligence agent infiltrates the Jewish community to gather information that is then allegedly used to achieve two of the worst terrorist attacks in Latin American history, leaving over 100 dead.

Composer of the Yosi, the Regretful Spy Season 2

Federico Jusid is an Argentine composer as well as conductor and pianist. Also, He has written the scores for more than 40 feature films and over 25 television series. His most recognized concert hall compositions include Tango Rhapsody, a piece for two pianos and a symphony orchestra,

Yosi, the Regretful Spy Season 2 Original Soundtrack

Here is the complete list of Yosi, the Regretful Spy Season 2. The original soundtrack is now available on Amazon Music and Apple Music stores. The album of the songs is (Banda Sonora De La Serie Original de Prime) which is composed by Federico Jusid.

  • Los jefes creen que estas listo
  • El poder
  • El Atentado
  • Iosi Peres
  • Oyfn Pripetshik
  • En Egipto
  • Dejarlo todo
  • Doble espia
  • Espejismos
  • Entrenamiento en el Mossad
  • Los rezos de Iosi
  • Misil Condor
  • El poder de un libro
  • La hija
  • El rescate
  • Animales muertos
  • Cual de los barcos
  • Campos de maiz
  • Un trabajito
  • Cuerpo a cuerpo
  • Reencuentro
  • Rio tercero
  • Tenes que ser judio en cuerpo y alma
  • La carta de Jonas
  • Profanation
  • Infiltrado
  • Desgarro
  • Un encargo
  • Perdon, hija!
  • Entramado
  • Epilogo

Conclusion: Yosi, the Regretful Spy Season 2

The soundtrack of this series is very suitable, the composer has presented all the songs very well. Currently, you are able to watch “Yosi, the Regretful Spy – Season 2” on Amazon Prime Video You can also watch the official trailer of the film on YouTube.

Trailer - Iosi, el espía arrepentido T.2 | Prime Video

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