Time Addicts Soundtrack
Time Addicts Soundtrack Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Time Addicts is an upcoming movie written & directed by Sam Odlum. The movie is scheduled to release on December 7, 2023.

Genre: Mystery, thriller &, Sci-fi.

Movie Info: The movie follows two best friends who are in desperate debt to their volatile drug dealer and agree to a into a weak stash house to steal a bag of mysterious time-traveling drugs in order to pay off their last hit.

Who composed the Music of Time Addicts?

The film’s original music was composed by James Orr. James is a film composer and producer based out of Melbourne, Australia. Here all the listed track is composed by Orr. His genre includes classical.

Time Addicts Soundtrack

  •  Time Addicted
  • Double the Debt
  • Trapped in ’95
  • Due Diligence
  • Mr. Responsibility
  • Our Past Is Cooked
  • Human-Sized Blood Covered Animals
  • Hand in a Blender
  • Denise & Denise
  • Change Better Bitch
  • Lone MF Wolf
  • Everything Ends
  • Now You’re Finally Here
  • You Owe Me
  • Making Things Right

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Time Addicts (2023) - Official Trailer
Time Addicts Soundtrack

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