Thirsty Suitors Soundtrack
Thirsty Suitors Soundtrack

Thirsty Saunters is a new adventure video game developed by Outrolop Games and published by Annapurna Interactive.

About the Gameplay of Thirsty Suitors

It is an adventure game based on a young woman who recently returns to her hometown for her sister’s wedding and finds herself moving through her baggage with her family and former lovers. Gamers include skateboarding, cooking minigames, and character battles that work like turn-based battles.

Thirsty Suitors Original Soundtrack

  • What’s Your Thirstsona? 2:56
  • Nylon Empire 6:11
  • The Day After 1:43
  • Paati’s Suitors 2:31
  • Thank You, Appa 2:17
  • Reflecting 3:18
  • Podi Dua 1:04
  • Kickin’ Flips 2:03
  • Skatepunks 2:02
  • Catching Gravity 3:10
  • No Goodbye 5:40
  • Voice(s) of Reason 4:01
  • Cat Battle 4:48
  • Breaking Bruno 3:37
  • Tunnel Vision 3:14
  • PolyGalactic 6:19
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tyler 4:02
  • Bhangra Battle 2:31
  • Generational Trauma 11:06
  • Fly Away 3:14

Composer of Thirsty Suitors Soundtrack

Ramsey Kharroubi: Ramsey Kharoubi also known as Marski is a talented musician who has worked in a variety of genres.

Official Trailer

Thirsty Suitors - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games
Thirsty Suitors Soundtrack

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