The Wicker Man Soundtrack 1973
The Wicker Man Soundtrack 1973

The Wicker Man Soundtrack: The Wicker Man is a 1973 British folk horror film directed by Robin Hardy and starring Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland, Dianne Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, and Christopher Lee. The screenplay was written by Anthony Schaeffer and inspired by David Pinner’s 1967 novel Ritual.

Release date: August 7, 1973 (United States)

Genres: Horror. Mystery. Thriller

The Wicker Man Soundtrack

The Wicker Man’s soundtrack was released under the same name, composed and recorded by Paul Giovanni and Magnates, consisting of folk songs performed by the film’s orchestra (some also featuring ensembles).

Who Composed The Wicker Man Soundtrack

Paul Giovanni: Paul Giovanni was a famous American playwright, actor, director, singer, and composer. He famously composed the music for the 1973 British horror film The Wicker Man.

The Wicker Man Soundtrack List

1998 Track listing:

  • “The Wicker Man (Main Title)”
  • “Corn Riggs”
  • “Landlord Daughter”
  • “Festival Photos”
  • “Loving Couples”
  • “Willow’s Song”
  • “Maypole Song”
  • “Beetle”
  • “Ruined Church Sequence”
  • “Corn Riggs” & “Fireleap”
  • “Fireleap (Reprise)”
  • “Graveyard Sequence” – “Tinker Of Rye”
  • “Tinker Of Rye (Part 2)”
  • “Festival”
  • “Masks”
  • “Hobby Horse & Tarring”
  • “Search 1 – Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”
  • “Search 2”
  • “Hand Of Glory”
  • “Procession”
  • “Chop Chop”
  • “Horn At Cave – Cave Chase”
  • “The Anointing”
  • “Hum”
  • “Approach”
  • “Summer Is A Coming In”
  • “The Wicker Man (End Title)”

2002 Track listing:

  • “Corn Rigs”
  • “The Landlord Daughter”
  • “Gently Johnny”
  • “Maypole”
  • “Fire Leap”
  • “The Tinker Of Rye”
  • “Willow’s Song”
  • “Procession”
  • “Chop Chop”
  • “Lullaby”
  • “Festival” / “Mirie It Is” / “Sumer Is A-Cumen In”
  • “Opening Music” / “Loving Couples” / “The Ruined Church”
  • “The Masks” / “The Hobby Horse”
  • “Searching For Rowan”
  • “Appointment With The Wicker Man”

Here, everyone can watch the full soundtrack on YouTube as well as other platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

the wicker man ost-corn rigs

Official Trailer

The Wicker Man (1973) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD]
The Wicker Man Soundtrack

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